Imagine you were going to a buffet restaurant in a foreign country, and that you had no idea what the foods on offer tasted like, or what the dishes contained.

Imagine that you didn’t speak or read the language

Imagine that you had your own dietary restrictions, such as being vegetarian, or being gluten free, or allergic to nuts.

Imagine that the buffet restaurant was this enormous place, with more than a hundred dishes on offer.

Imagine that, as you started queuing in front of the dishes, that people kept moving in front of the dishes, and that you knew people behind you would become impatient if you didn’t move.

Wouldn’t you feel stressed? Wouldn’t you worry that you are going to pick the wrong dishes, some that you will not like, or that could cause you a major allergic reaction?

Now imagine if you had a guide, someone who knew the restaurant and all the dishes in it.

Imagine if, because you even entered the restaurant, your guide had taken the time to find out about your needs, made sure they understood what you wanted (and didn’t want), and then explained to you which dishes you would be able to choose from. Imagine that they had even gone and asked the chef which dishes were safe for you to eat. What if the guide could even ask the chef to prepare a different dish especially for you? How much safer and enjoyable would the experience be?

This is what a doula can and will do for you, as you enter the maze of choices that pregnancy, birth and the postpartum bring. The many options, including ones you didn’t even know existed. The conflicting advice you find on every single topic.

A doula is like your own buffet curator. As your doula gets to know you, your unique needs and preferences, she can sift through the many options available to you and present you with a curated list of options which you can pick from.

You doula cannot pick the dishes for you, only you can do that, but having the list tailored to your needs might save you a lot of time and stress.

A doula then walks the path with you, supporting you along the way and always being available to any questions as you choose, and get to decide what’s right for you. You even can change your mind at any point! Imagine how empowering this feels?

If this resonates with you and you would like to work with me, you can find out more about the education and support I provide for families and birthworkers in the form of one to one support, and online courses.

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