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About Me

Hi, I'm so glad you made it to my page.

Pregnancy and early parenthood are such an exciting time and you love nothing more than supporting expectant and new parents.

You want to learn everything there is to know to help support your clients.

You do worry about "getting it right", though. There is so much to learn, so many skills, so many courses to do... Your friends are talking about this or that course – but what is it right for you?

Then I can help!

So what have I got to offer you?

Spending a day or two with me will leave you feeling more confident and competent, having developed not only new skills, but also more trust in your own abilities.

So how will I do that?

It breaks down into three areas: skills, intention, and trust in yourself.


Skills are a huge part of the story. So all my workshops have a large chunk dedicated to practising those practical skills, so you'll leave more confident that you can do what you have learnt.

But this isn't enough. Learning a new skill is like learning to drive a car: you get your licence, sure, but you don't really know how to drive the car until you get confident enough to drive without having to think about it all the time. So I'll encourage you to practise, and because I know we cannot remember every single detail of every technique, all my workshops come with a substantial handout pack, with exclusive pictures and video links, so you can refresh your memory and practise your new skills at your leisure. You also gain access to a closed Facebook group to ask questions and exchange knowledge with others who have done the workshop(s).

The way I pass on skills is quite unique, because I’m a birth geek and knowledge junkie (I guess the science brain is never going away!), and I am quite an alternative hippy too, so I’ve done (and still doing!) a lot of extra training and CPD, ranging from the hard science to the complete woo.

So my workshops encompass this unique blend of science and woo. I have learnt many of my skills, apprenticeship style, from more experienced people - but I have then added my own scientific knowledge and that of others in the mix.

For example, the closing the bones and rebozo workshop techniques have all been validated by an osteopath, which means that you'll know what they do on the various joints and organs, as well as what they do energetically.


I cannot stress enough how important this is. We talk about it at great length during my workshops. What is your intention before you start working with someone? What do you want them to get out of the treatment/support? You need to be very clear about that, because focusing your attention on people to feel your love, your support, changes everything. We discuss examples of this in the workshops, and as well as practical skills, we also practise real-life situations as role play to make sure you know how to go forward when facing tricky situations, and how to always support your clients mindfully.

Parts of the workshops (the closing the bones and Reiki in particular) also involve a deeply healing element - it's difficult to express in words because it is often something people don't "get" until they have experienced it for themselves (a bit like being doulaed!) - but my goal is for you to experience the same experience that your client will get when you treat/support them.

Trust in yourself

I'm just here to help facilitate your growth. I'm no guru, and I don't pretend to have all the answers. I'm on the journey myself, and there will always be people who know more and people who know less than we do.

I want you to be able to trust yourself and develop your own skills, in a way that feels right for you. So at the heart of all my workshops, whether it is the closing the bones, postnatal recovery massage, rebozo, or Reiki, is the idea that there is no "one size fits all", that nothing is prescriptive, that you need to tune into your client, and that you need to develop the techniques to make them your own, to really own them and develop your own unique style of teaching, treating and supporting. So much of the workshops is geared towards being able to facilitate and support in a way that we feel comfortable with. It is subtly woven into every aspect of the facilitation.

We discuss this at length during each workshop - and again you'll have access to a whole community of supportive, like-minded people once you have completed the workshop.

Developing your intuition is also part of this self-trust development process, and the workshops are also designed to encourage you to develop this aspect further.

If this resonates with you, if developing your skills with a blend of science and spiritual stuff appeals to you, then I'd love to hear from you. 🙂

My background

I have always been passionate about my job. When I left my native France in 1997 to pursue my career as a biology research scientist, it was supposed to be only for a year. I never expected to stay in the UK this long, but during my first postdoc in Scotland, I got offered a job, and then I met my Chinese born husband, Chi. We moved to Cambridge in 2001, got married, and had two children, Sebastien (born in 2006) and Charlotte (born in 2009). Their births (both positive experiences supported by a doula), changed my direction completely, so after much soul searching and retraining, I left my scientific career behind to dedicate myself to my new passion, which is supporting expectant families and birthworkers.

I've experienced tremendous amounts of personal growth since I became an antenatal educator and a doula, and I was lucky to meet some awesome mentors along the way and I want to "pay it forward".

I’ve been working as a birth and postnatal doula since 2012,  an antenatal teacher and babywearing educator and tutor since 2010. I have supported over a thousand families in these various capacities, and trained over 1000 birthworkers in my workshops. In 2017 I became a doula mentor, and taught doula preparation courses in 2018 and 2019.

Apart from my doula training, I also have a degree in antenatal education (I taught NCT classes for 6 years), and I am a babywearing instructor and a Reiki Master and Reiki Drum teacher.


Photos by the talented Ali Dover


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