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Drum healing, bullshit?

I want to tell my story into drum healing because I hope that it may encourage others to explore this modality too. Before I moved from science into doulaing I had a friend called Peter Voshol who is a scientist and a shaman and made drums and did drum healing. I remember thinking :drum healing?…

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Why I do what I do.

The other day someone asked me why I do what I do. I think we don’t ask ourselves that question often enough. Well I delved into the answer I realised that, at the heart of what I do, is something a lot deeper than just supporting women through birth. I want to change the world…

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Why I stopped wearing a bra

In January this year I stopped wearing a bra. What led me to do this? First my work as a birth worker tends to make me question things and to develop the knowledge that our bodies are actually quite well designed. Second I read some blogs posts on the topic (like this one), as well as…

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Feeling raw after a long birth

I’m just back from a long birth with little sleep. One that didn’t end the way that the parents had hoped for. They seem OK and are very grateful for the support. But I feel very raw and open, and for some reason I also feel the need to “stay” with that feeling for now-I…

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Career changes, giving stuff up and doing what makes your heart sing

I am accustomed to making drastic career changes. As you may already know, 3.5 years ago I left a 20 year career in biology research to follow my heart’s calling by becoming a doula, antenatal educator and babywearing instructor (read why I did that here). By becoming a doula, being at births and hanging out…

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Refilling my fuel pump-reflection on the doula retreat

I’m just back from the annual doula retreat in North Wales. Every year for the last 4 years I have joined a group of like minded doulas and birthworkers at the magical place that is Cae Mabon. I am ever so grateful to doula Selina Wallis for organising it đŸ™‚ Cae Mabon is an eco…

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The taboo of the first trimester of pregnancy

We have this weird taboo in our culture about the first trimester of pregnancy. The first rule of the first trimester is you don’t talk about the first trimester. We just don’t tell people we’re pregnant. I don’t know how it started. Before the advent of medicinal chemistry and pregnancy tests were available, I believe…

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