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Womb belt

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These beautiful and unique womb belts were custom handwoven for me on a pedal loom by artisans in Oaxaca, Mexico.

I wanted a strong and long belt, similar to the Chumbe belt from Colombia that my friend Laura Leongomez who is from Colombia, because I found it the most supportive hip and womb/pelvic belt I had ever tried.

You can see Laura and I discuss such belts for womb health on this IGTV video.

These belt are long (about 3m) and thick (made of two layers of handwoven cotton rebozo style fabric sewn together). They also have either fringes or a long braid at each end to allow you to tie the belt, as well as make a smaller knot.

There are designed to be wrapped around your pelvis/lower abdomen and tightened to your preferred level. They provide both support and warmth.

In my blog called the lost art of postnatal wrapping, I explain the advantages of postnatal wrapping, and in my blog called wrapping your hips, why it can be helpful for wellbeing in general.

They are made of 100% cotton, and are about 3m long by 15cm cm wide (with two 30cm braids at each end).

They are a little stiff when new but soften beautifully with washing and use.

Please note : Handwoven belts may contain some irregularities such as knots, nubs, slubs, slight changes of colour, or other little imperfections. This is due to the nature of the weaving process and the nature of the yarns used. Personally rather than seeing these as imperfections, I see them as a sign of the uniqueness of each piece.

Washing instructions: please wash before use to tighten the weave. Please wash separately (in case of colour release) and wash at up to 40 degrees either by hand or on a handwash cycle the washing machine to avoid tangling the fringe.

Price (including postage in the UK only-please contact me for overseas postage) £60

Returns: if, upon receipt of your belt, you aren’t satisfied with it, you can return it to me (in unused condition), within 14 days of receipt, for a refund (minus the cost of postage). The return postage costs are to be paid for by the buyer.

You can see me demonstrating two different ways of putting them on in the videos below




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