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Why postnatal recovery starts before the birth

I had a lightbulb moment this afternoon whilst chatting with my lovely yoga teacher and therapist friend Stephanie Satriawan. We were musing over the fact that we see more and more women working right up to their due date. It isn’t usual these days to hear stories of women going into labour at work, or…

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Why you need to write a postnatal recovery plan

If you’re pregnant or have ever had a baby, you’re heard of birth plans, I’m sure, but have you heard of writing a postnatal plan? I doubt it. As a doula , antenatal teacher and babywearing educator, I’ve been working with expectant and new parents since 2010, so I have met quite a few pregnant…

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Evidenced based woo, or the confessions of a hippy scientist, part 2

As a scientist, one of the things that irritate the hell out of me is when people dismiss complimentary therapies by saying that they aren’t evidence based. We live in a narrow minded, sceptic’s culture, whereby anything that hasn’t been proven to be true in a double blind randomised controlled trial is dismissed as quackery.…

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Being not doing as a postnatal doula

    It’s a well known fact in the doula community that the essence of a doula is about being not doing.   Recently I reflected upon how important this is as a postnatal doula too. The interesting thing is, doulaing for postnatal families, is like all doula work : a mix of informational, emotional and…

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Ten things I wish I had known before I became a doula.

I wish I had known how much awe I would feel watching a woman birth her baby. I wish I had known how much sacredness there is in birth-when the baby has just been born there is this incredible energy in the room-it is so palpable you can almost touch it. I wish I had…

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Confessions of a hippy scientist, part one

I have a confession to make: I’m a scientist by background, but (shhh), I’m also quite into a lot of woo stuff. Yes you read that right. On paper, when reading my bio, you might have picked me because of my PhD in biology. You find that reassuring, I get that. I would too. You…

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