I used to struggle to define myself professionally because I thought that I needed a title that covered ALL of my hats.

It was easy when I started after my professional reconversion from scientist to birthworker, I just called myself a doula. Then I grew, I learnt a lot of new things, and started teaching them. After a few years, I gave up some activities to make room for new things I had learnt and felt more drawn to. Soon I found myself struggling to describe what I do. It bothered me because I thought I had to find a title that covered it all.

I discovered a new word in a French book. The word is slasheuse. A slasheuse is a multitalented professional who has carries out several activities/wear several hats in their work. The term makes reference to the slash sign being used between the different areas of their work. I like this expression because it describes me to a tee. I wear many professional hats:

I am a scientist/doula/healer/teacher/author/facilitator.  Under each of these categories are many sub categories. Too many to put in a title.

I’m grateful for having discovered authentic marketing coach George Kao who taught me that I don’t need to describe all of myself under one title (here is one of his articles about it ) and it is incredibly liberating.

It’s OK to talk about each of your many work and personal life interests in turn and without a particular logic or order.

It’s OK for people to know you only for the aspects of your work that resonate with them.

It’s OK not to have a title that covers them all.

If my work as a doula has taught me one thing, it is that everyone of us is unique. That we are beautiful and messy and full of paradoxes. And we are more than the sum of our work, the sum of our interests and hobbies. We are also always evolving, growing and learning new things and dropping some off. We aren’t static.

If, you, like me, are a “slasheuse” (or a slasheur), I invite you to discover the ease and joy that comes when you stop trying to fit your beautiful unique self into tight neat little boxes.

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