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Inducing labour with Castor oil : is it safe?

Castor oil induction has bad press in the UK. Negative stories abound, claiming severe negative effects on mother and baby. For years, I too believed this to be true. I took it for granted that it was dangerous. A couple of years ago a doula told me that several of her clients had successfully induced…

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Online services-why should you pay for them?

It’s a very strange and stressful time we are living right now, especially if you are pregnant. There is, understandably, a lot of anxiety about the unpredictable and fast changing nature of maternity services. I am seeing a lot of comments on social media about people wanting free antenatal classes (because their hospital ones got…

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Are you focusing too much on what you’re not doing?

I’m writing this as a reflection on myself, but really hope it helps others too. I have noticed this dichotomy between how I perceive myself professionally and how others perceive me. I tend to focus more on what I’m not yet doing, rather than what I’m doing. This means I beat myself up very often…

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Valentines day is bullshit

Today is Valentines day. Up until a few years ago, I bought into the “romantic” idea of it. I don’t anymore. I guess you might have got that from the title of this post already  😉 I think it ‘s a piece of commercial bullshit, and it just makes me laugh, to be honest. The…

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Love and fear-more than ever

I am sure I am not the only one who feels this at the moment. We aren’t in a particularly happy space in the world right now. I spoke to several friends recently about the doom and gloom of my Facebook feed. Some people have chosen to give themselves a social media break as they…

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Do as you’re told, dearie, or the end of independent midwifery.

I am fuming. At the beginning of January, and with almost no warning, the NMC (Nurse and Midwifery Council) declared IMUK (Independent Midwifes UK) insurance policy not fit for purpose. And just like that, without warning, they put an end to independent midwifery practise in the UK. This has left many expectant mothers who had booked…

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Induction of labour- do you know what you’re letting yourself in for?

Induction of labour in the bane of many birthworkers lives (and of many pregnant women’s too). In the area I live in, it is reaching epidemic proportions (about 35% of first time mothers) Deciding to consent to induction is a complex decision, one that should be fully supported, without pressure or coercion, so that  women…

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Choosing love over fear as a birthworker


As a doula the biggest lesson since I started supporting women has been to choose love over fear. I remember very early on in my doula life I witnessed a very traumatic birth -it was traumatic for the parents, and it was extremely traumatic for me. I cried for days afterwards. The mother had an…

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The impostor syndrome in the birth world

  Do you sometimes suffer from impostor syndrome? Do you worry that you do not know enough, that you haven’t got enough to offer? I’ve been reminded this week that we all have different levels of knowledge. That others know more than us and that we know more than others. This doesn’t mean that we…

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