Why Postnatal recovery matters.

Welcome to the resource page for my book, Why Postnatal recovery matters.

I have created this space for you to be able to access resources related to my book.

Scroll down for a video explaining why I wrote this book, and for the book resource page, which includes a list of clickable weblinks, related to each chapter of the book. 

You can buy a signed copy from me here, or you can order the book from the publisher, Pinter and Martin, or from Amazon and other online retailers. (scroll down to read why you might want to buy from me or the publisher rather than from other online platforms).

My book is also available in Italian and in German.

The online course based on the book is available too. Find out more below, or click here to access the course.



Why I wrote my Book “Why postnatal recovery matters”?

Here you can buy a copy (or several copies) of my book, Why Postnatal Recovery Matters, as well as find the clickable resource links from the book.

What are the advantages of buying the book directly from me, the author, rather than from the publisher or from online sites like Amazon… 

How to prepare for a nurturing postpartum


Why postnatal recovery matters free video masterclass

Why Postnatal Recovery Matters Free video masterclass


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