In this show, I interview pioneers in women’s health and personal development about ground-breaking concepts that help women reclaim lost knowledge and inner wisdom.

By bridging insights from ancient traditions and modern research, we’ll question stale cultural narratives and midwife a new paradigm around birth, life transitions, and women’s autonomy. Join me as we delve into stories and studies that empower women to reconnect with their inner voice.

In this episode, I interview Laura Leongomez, a priestess-witch, mother, and doula. Laura is a workshop facilitator and trainer; a writer, artist, massage and song therapist from Colombia living and working in Pembrokeshire. We discuss Trance as our birthright, exploring altered states of consciousness during birth and other rites of passage.

Highlights of this episode include:

  • What is Trance. Trance in daily life and as a bridge between our individual self and the universe or spirit world.
  • The fear of trance in the modern world, including the historical punishment for being “crazy,” “weird,” or “powerful,” which has led to a widely-held fear of these states in modern society.
  • The fear our society has of the potential power of uninterrupted birth and the trance that is meant to occur during birth, and how this often leads to unnecessary interference. 
  • Community-Led Trance Work and Holistic Healing, including singing, dancing and drumming
  • Laura’s experience of holistic practises in Colombia versus the UK, in particular her learning from indigenous midwives in Colombia

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