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Reflections on what I did in 2017

In my last blog, I suggested you spent some time reflecting on what you achieved in 2017. Inspired by my favourite doula, Maddie Mc Mahon, review of the year (you can read hers here), I decided to blog about reviewing my year too. As you will see, one should really do what they preach because…

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How closing the bones can help after baby loss

This week is baby loss awareness week.  I started writing this post thinking I was going to write a post specifically about miscarriage. But when I started writing it, I felt that it needed to be about baby loss in general. Because you cannot measure grief by what it looks on paper. Your grief can…

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Energy hygiene for birth and perinatal professionals

What is energy hygiene and why do you need it as a birthworker? Please don’t let the “woo” undertone of this title put you off and read on because I am going to try and explain it in a way that is hopefully both meaningful and helpful for those of you who aren’t used to…

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Why baby books and “experts” can really harm you after you have a baby

I just read a great piece of research by professor Amy Brown, that shows that reading baby books that recommend strict routines for babies is associated with poor mental health. “New research from academics in the Department of Public Health, Policy and Social Sciences has explored the link between parenting books that encourage parents to try and put…

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What new mothers really need

I’ve just finished looking after a new mum as a postnatal doula. As I supported the new mother, once again I was reminded of the fact that our culture’s focus, when it comes to postnatal recovery, is completely wrong. Our culture got it wrong because it focuses entirely on the new baby, when it should…

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