Free yourself from birth trauma

Birth debrief, somatic bodywork, 3 steps rewind techniques

I offer a holistic approach when it comes to trauma release. My experience has taught me that there isn’t a one size fits all approach, and that the technique you feel the most drawn to is likely to be the one that suits you best.

I offer a range of supportive approaches, from birth debriefing, to somatic bodywork such as closing the bones, to energy healing, and the 3 steps rewind technique, which I describe below.

Regardless of the method used, the goal is to re-teach your nervous system to feel safe.

The 3 steps rewind technique is a fast, safe and incredibly effective psychological process for freeing people of trauma (including birth trauma), and it can also be used to cure people of phobia.

As humans, we are meant to exist mostly in the “rest and relaxation” state, and only experience the “fight or flight” response in short bursts.

The fight or flight response works like this: when we experience sudden fear, for example imagine you’re walking into a forest and you hear rustling in the bushes, and you think “it might be a bear” : the part of your brain that controls fear (the amygdala)  takes over from your thinking brain (the cortex), creating a high level of arousal, increasing your heart rate and pumping stress hormones and blood to your muscles, so you can run away from a potential predator, without wasting precious time wondering if it’s a bear or a rabbit, which could save your life.

It’s a healthy, protective mechanism. This is one of the things that have protected us so well through human evolution.

Now when a rabbit pops out of the bushes instead of a bear, your cortex tells you “it’s ok, it’s safe”, and then your amygdala calms down, and you go back into a rest and relaxation state.

In a traumatic situation, the connection between the cortex and the amygdala has failed to re-establish and you find yourself stuck in a loop of fear, which leaves you unable to regain the normal rest and relaxation state.

It can manifest in feeling constantly on edge,  replaying the memory over and over (or avoiding it completely), and/or feelings of anxiety or anger.

The rewind process reestablishes the connection between the amygdala and the cortex, so that your cortex can tell the amygdala that the event is over, and you can relax now.

I know it sounds too good to be true, and I too was sceptical until I did the training (in fact I was still sceptical even after the training, until I started seeing the results for myself), but my experience and that of all the other practitioners I know, is that the Rewind technique is incredible easy, safe, and effective.

Most people find the treatment leaves them feeling much more relaxed about the traumatic event they experienced, and often the effects carry on improving over the next few days after the treatment, and the brain processes the memory in a way that no longer elicit a strong reaction.

You can read more about it on the Traumatic Birth Recovery website.


The 3 steps rewind process

The 3 steps rewind technique involves the following steps:

1-Listening to your story of the traumatic event and explaining the process of the rewind technique (the beauty of this technique is that it still works if you prefer not to talk about the traumatic event)

2-Guiding you into a state of deep relaxation, and using a visualisation technique to remember the event in a way that feels safe

3-Visualising the future and how you will feel and behave once the memory no longer feels traumatic

What can the Rewind technique help with?

The technique can help with any type of trauma or phobia.

As a doula, I am especially interested in supporting women who are experiencing a birth phobia, whether they have given birth or not, or have experienced birth trauma, or trauma associated with the pregnancy or postnatal period.

Birth or postnatal trauma can be triggered by but isn’t necessarily only linked to “medical” trauma. On paper your birth can look textbook, you can be physically fine and your baby can be completely fine  but you don’t feel good about the way your birth unfolded, and the memories of how you felt or how you were made to feel during the birth can be lingering and cause you anxiety and stress. This isn’t helped when our culture states that “all that matter is a healthy baby”. You, and your feelings, matter too.

I would love to help with this, especially when the first birth was traumatic and you are contemplating your next pregnancy, or are pregnant again, and the memory of the first birth is still affecting you.


What happens during a trauma release session?

I would like to have a short call with you over the phone or zoom, listen to your story and explain the process, so you can decide whether this feels like something you would like to try.

If you decide you would like to go ahead, we book either a face to face or a zoom appointment for the session itself.

Sometimes the technique is effective immediately, sometimes a handful of sessions might be necessary to fully resolve the trauma.

The sessions usually last a couple of hours

Cost: £120 plus mileage.

Contact me if you would like to find out more about the methods I offer or to book a session

The memory (birth trauma) is no longer at the forefront of my mind. I had been thinking about it every day before the rewind took place, but since the rewind I haven’t thought about it at all. The memory feels safely locked away at the back of my mind.


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