Closing the bones and Postnatal Recovery Massage

A healing and nurturing postpartum ritual

Closing the bones is a healing ritual designed to help new mothers heal physically, emotionally and spiritually

I have seen for myself how wonderfully healing and nurturing this massage is, having given it to hundred of women since I learnt it in 2013, and trained several hundred birthworkers in offering it too.

On the request of therapists and people who found it difficult to work on the floor, I also developed a new massage table technique with Cambridge Osteopath Teddy Brookes, which is inspired by closing the bones. This technique is called the Postnatal Recovery Massage, and is done on a massage table instead of on a mat on the floor.


When we grow and birth a baby, we change and open in every sense of the way. Physically, energetically, emotionally.

Since learning the Ecuadorian closing the bones, I have come to realise that every culture in the world has some form of bodywork designed to close a new mother and return her to her center.

Beyond the physical aspect of these rituals, there is a spiritual aspect to the massage, which provide a safe space/ritual for the mother to feel nurtured and release emotions associated with the birth and motherhood.

Having experienced the massage myself and given it to hundreds of to new and not so new mothers, I have both experienced and witness how powerful this ritual can be in releasing birth emotions, even many years after the birth itself.

It is a time out for the mother; a time to have a silent communion with herself and reflect on her journey to motherhood and to feel the loving hands of another woman nurturing her.



I also offer the option to do a birth debriefing session ahead of the massage. It can be a wonderful way to feel heard and release any feelings associated with the birth.  Then you can have the massage about a week later, having given you time to process feelings further ahead of the massage, which then helps provide a more complete closure.

What I offer

I offer 2 options : the traditional closing the bones massage, which is done on a mat on the floor, and the postnatal recovery massage, which is done on a massage table

The massage involves lying on a comfortable mat on the floor or a massage table, having your body rocked with a traditional Mexican shawls called rebozos, a massage of the abdomen, chest and arms, and finally wrapping you tightly head to toe with my rebozos. Whilst you relax I read a poem/sing/sound bathe you with my drum. 

The ceremony lasts about 2h from start to finish and cost £120. You can read more about what typically happens during a closing the bones massage here

There is the option for you to have your own rebozo to keep after the massage (It is a lovely memento of the session and you can use it to wrap your hips again afterwards). 

The massage is even more beneficial if done several times, and I offer a buy 2, get  a 3rd one half price package.

I offer the option to have a birth debriefing session prior to the massage.

I can provide a gift voucher for the massage, should you wish to gift this massage to someone.

Travel expenses 30p per mile over a 5 miles radius

Get in touch to arrange a session

My closing the bones experience was beautiful and very special. Not only from the physical point of view but also emotionally. It was the first time since my baby was born that I have a “me” moment. Sophie is amazing, every touch, every massage was very gentle and deep at the same time. The music, the ritual feeling , the singing , everything was amazing. I’m really happy I did this. I highly recommend this to every new mum or any woman who need a moment of peace and relaxation.


Sophie performed a closing the bones massage 2 1/2 weeks after the birth of my 2nd son. Sophie took time to explain the massage and made me feel completely at ease. She carefully arranged the room and made it feel like a cosy space with beautiful aromatherapy oils and calming music.  The massage felt incredibly calming and nurturing and I felt very relaxed (almost went to sleep!) I felt a lot of tension which I was holding from the birth just disappear.  I wish I had known about this massage when I had my first son.  I would thoroughly recommend a closing the bones massage from Sophie to all new mums.


Closing the bones message has been amazing for my physical and mental health. My body after the process has became relaxed and my mind full of joy. Sophie is very professional nurturing human being who understands how vulnerable women after birth can be. The closing the bones massage is much more than just a massage. 

It was a wonderfully relaxing experience and I felt very comforted and calm afterwards. But it was the day after I noticed the benefits even more so. Prior to the massage I was getting up from sitting on the sofa or a chair with my legs wide in the same way I would as if I was pregnant. Following the massage my hips feel ‘tighter’ in a good way and more relaxed and I am also rising from sitting in much better alignment as before my pregnancy. I just wanted to thank you and share this with you. I have experienced some healing and pleased to have experienced this unique ritual with you.


Thanks to Sophie, I was the recipient of a beautiful, calming and incredibly nurturing Closing the Bones ceremony at five days postpartum. My instinct after my daughter’s birth was to hunker down and pour my energy into caring for her. The massage, reiki, and rebozo wraps not only felt absolutely amazing, they also helped remind me of the importance of caring for myself. During the ceremony, I felt so safe and comfortable and at peace, and I was aware of how strong, resilient and loved I am. To experience Sophie’s healing touch was very moving, and I am forever grateful for the experience. I remain humbled by Sophie’s tremendous support, grace and caring. I can only wish that every new mother has the opportunity to be celebrated and honoured with such a ceremony.

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