Recording of the Drumming for birth webinar


Recording the drumming for birth webinar. 90 min session.


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A webinar for professionals and parents who want to learn how to use drumming to support the birth journey

Pregnancy, birth and the postpartum constitute a profound and transformative rite of passage. Expectant families are often guided to seek holistic approaches to enhance their birth experience. One such approach, which is gaining recognition, is the ancient practice of drumming. Beyond its musical and cultural significance, drumming holds a unique potential to support and empower individuals during pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period. I want to share some of the ways in which drumming can positively influence the birth process, offering a unique blend of science and spirituality.

A drum can support the labour process wonderfully. During labour, heartbeat like drumming can provide pain relief, relaxation, and assist with the inwards focus needed for labour to unfold, and  gently encourage progress.

In this class, I will share stories that demonstrate how helpful drumming can be during the pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey.

What does the webinar contain?

  • A historical background of drumming
  • Scientific evidence behind the effects drumming on the brain and body
  • How drumming support the birth process, including releasing endorphins and altering states of consciousness
  • Stories of drumming at Births
  • Examples of drumming
  • Further learning options

By the end of this class, you will know why drumming is a gentle and effective way to support the pregnancy and birth journey. You will also know how to access further knowledge and training in drumming for birth.

I will give you links to free resources, and will also tell you about my new course called Drumming For Birth.

Who is this class for?

This class is for parents and birth professionals who want to learn how drumming can support pregnancy and physiological birth.

What makes this class special?

I have worked as a perinatal educator and birthworker for over ten years, and I not only have extensive training and experience in using drum healing during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum, and beyond, but I also have extensive teaching experience and I know how to deliver information in a way that is simple, accessible and entertaining.

About the instructor

Following 20 years of research into reproductive physiology and the transformative experience of giving birth to my children, I discovered a vocation to support expectant families and train birth professionals. I have developed this for more than a decade, assisting and training thousands of families and birthworkers. I have earned a PhD and a DiPhe in antenatal education and I’m the author of the book Why Postnatal Recovery Matters. I’m also a Reiki, Reiki Drum, and Drum Healing practitioner and teacher who is passionate about incorporating scientific knowledge with spirituality and rituals. Grounding myself and my practice through walking in nature, year-round river swims, shamanic drumming, and 5rhythms dancing, I guide others on their spiritual quests through life’s transitions and rites of passages, nurturing souls and honouring the profound spiritual essence that resides within us all.

I have been drumming for over ten years, and used the drum to support women during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum. I have drummed at homebirths, birth centre births, and even in my local delivery unit.

You can read about my drum journey in this blog post.

How long is the webinar?

The webinar lasts 90 min, with about 60 min  of talk and 30 min of Q&A.


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