The course is divided in 11 module

  • Introduction: Why this course is needed
  • Traditional postpartum practises around the world
  • What we are missing in the West
  • The importance of rest as part of the postnatal recovery process
  • Why social support is paramount and the foundation on which the support is built
  • Why rest is an essential part of postnatal recovery
  • Why good food is paramount in the recovery process
  • Why bodywork is needed for new mothers
  • Hiring help: doulas, mothers help
  • How to write a postnatal recovery plan
  • Special circumstances: single parents, NICU and hospital stay, loss
  • Conclusion

The information is delivered with a mix of video and text.

Each module is divided in lessons, which you can tick as complete as you go along.

Each module also includes a questionnaire to download, which is designed to explore beliefs around this topic.

You can follow the modules in the order they come up, or go straight to certain modules and come back to the rest later.

Once you have completed all the modules and lessons, you will be able to download a certificate.