Today is the first day of my cycle.

Since attending a menstrual cycle workshop with Alexandra Pope of Red School a couple of years ago, I have come to understand that that the first couple of days of my cycle are days when I need to retreat into myself and do very little.

Last month I started writing a blog like this and didn’t finish it. Then I wasted my day not getting much done all but not really giving myself when I had promised myself not to, and not feeling great of it.

So today I am giving myself permission to do nothing.

In a world that glorifies busy, it’s nothing short of revolutionary.

I have a to do list as long as my arm and frankly tons of shit to do (who doesn’t?), but I know that by giving myself time to retreat inwards, look after myself in nurturing ways and ignoring most of what doesn’t absolutely needs to be done today, will help me recharge and actually be more productive in the next few days.

Just like I’m usually full of ideas after a holiday (only whilst on holiday I don’t actually realise how much good the relaxation is doing me until I return to work and all these new ideas come flowing).

Today, I need to shut myself from the world and go inside my cave.

I’m going to do stuff that makes me feel good, like sit and meditate and self treat with Reiki, have a long bath with a special blend of essential oils that I like to use during my cycle (I also massage my tummy with it every day whilst I’m bleeding- my favourite blend is the sacral chakra blend from Katseye blends), I might wrap my hips and abdomen with a rebozo, and pack a heated wheat bag in it too. I’ll make myself some comforting and nourishing foods and probably watch a feel good movie.

I’m not technically really going to do nothing, but I’ll only do what absolutely needs to be done today and ignore the rest, just for today.

In the menstrual cycle workshop, Alexandra compared the menstrual cycle to the 4 seasons of the year, and the bleeding time is very much like winter: the trees are bare, the soil is bare, so it looks like everything is dead and nothing good is happening. But this all needs to happen, and whilst it looks barren, potent stuff is happening underneath, to prepare for new growth.

That time, going inwards whilst it looks like nothing is happening on the outside, is a very powerful time.

Our culture doesn’t want to see the winter woman, it only wants to see the sunny spring and summer woman.

And yet so much power lies in the dark, retreating times.

You can choose to see this time as a pile of poo, or you can choose to see it as manure.



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