In this show, I interview pioneers in women’s health and personal development about ground-breaking concepts that help women reclaim lost knowledge and inner wisdom.

By bridging insights from ancient traditions and modern research, we’ll question stale cultural narratives and midwife a new paradigm around birth, life transitions, and women’s autonomy. Join me as we delve into stories and studies that empower women to reconnect with their inner voice.

In the second episode of the Wisdom Messenger Podcast, I interview Naomi Tolson about microdosing can support the pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey.

Naomi is a microdosing coach, psychedelic guide, advocate and community science researcher. She specialises in supporting parents who choose to microdose during their pregnancy and postpartum journey. Join us as we discuss how microdosing can support the pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey.

Highlights include:

  • Naomi’s personal journey of discovering microdosing and the way pregnant and postpartum women in the eco spiritual community she visited used microdosing as a tool for spiritual growth and transformation during their pregnancy and postpartum journeys and why she could no longer work as a birth doula in the current maternity system
  • The benefits of microdosing, and how mushrooms may have contributed to the evolutionary leap in human history
  • Dispelling common myths about microdosing
  • How microdosing can support the birth journey
  • How microdosing can help heal birth trauma
  • Labour and altered states of consciousness, and how supporting people through psychedelic crisis is similar to supporting women in labour

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