In this show, I interview pioneers in women’s health and personal development about ground-breaking concepts that help women reclaim lost knowledge and inner wisdom. 

By bridging insights from ancient traditions and modern research, we’ll question stale cultural narratives and midwife a new paradigm around birth, life transitions, and women’s autonomy. Join me as we delve into stories and studies that empower women to reconnect with their inner voice. 

In the first episode of the Wisdom Messenger Podcast, I interview Jane Hardwicke Collings about drumming to support pregnancy and birth. Jane is a grandmother, former homebirth midwife for 30 years, a teacher, writer and menstrual educator and the founder of the school of Shamanic WomanCraft. We discuss how drumming can support the birth journey. 

Highlights include:

  • How Jane was introduced to drum journeying and how it gave her a new way to related to the world (you can listen to Jane’s recorded drum journey to the womb on Spotify or YouTube)
  • How drum journeying helps women connect with their unborn baby, and how they no longer need the drum to connect after a while, because they have learnt how to do it.
  • How this can also be used to ask babies were and how they need to be born
  • How making a drum helps women reexperience their own birth, the blueprint it provides and how the drum then becomes the medicine a woman needs
  • How connecting with your cervix during pregnancy can give you the instructions you need to help it open during birth
  • Jane’s own birth story and how drumming helped her move from pain and not coping during transition to experiencing an ecstatic birth
  • How we can use drumming to communicate with our future great great grandchildren to know what to do to change the world today.

Can you listen to the episode on Spotify, Youtube, or Apple Podcast

Read Jane’s article about drumming during pregnancy and birth.

You can find Jane at

Jane is coming to the UK to teach in person in April 2024.



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