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Sarah and Jason

Sarah and Jason

Doula testimonial

We were initially drawn to Sophie’s background of scientific experience combined with more traditional skills. Throughout my pregnancy Sophie proved to be an excellent source for advice and support. She would help us to find the information we needed and never passed any judgement on the decisions we made. This lack of judgement was clearly wonderful but also pretty unique. In the world of pregnancy and babies, most people’s advice is based on their personal experience of one or two pregnancies. In Sophie’s case, her advice was always soundly evidence based and never strayed into the “this is what I did when I was pregnant” territory – something I found truly refreshing! Our daughter’s arrival was a long ride, and that made Sophie’s presence even more valuable. She and my husband were able to take turns supporting me and when things went off-piste at the end with a visit to the delivery unit Sophie was there to guide us and remind us of our birth preferences. Sophie is also well connected to a wide circle of people in the Cambridge area who support families during pregnancy and postnatally. This meant that when we did need specialist help we were able to find it quickly and efficiently. Most people wouldn’t dream of climbing a big mountain without a guide and the same theory should apply to having a baby. Sophie was our guide during one of the biggest events in our lives and we will be forever grateful for her support. 

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