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Laura and Ben

Laura and Ben

Doula testimonial

We knew Sophie as she taught our NCT classes with our firstborn, and when I fell pregnant second time round I knew straight away she would be the best person to help us out with baby number two. My health insurance would have covered the cost of private midwife instead (significantly more expensive) but from knowing Sophie, and her extensive evidence-based knowledge and ability to find any new information efficiently, I knew she would be the most useful person to us. I had carried out a lot of research in my last pregnancy however unfortunately we had a breech baby and felt frightened into opting for an elective c-section. So this time round, I had a very strong feeling that I wanted a natural birth, and I knew that hiring Sophie would increase my chances of this.


Sophie provided me with very useful contact information to obtain permission to have a VBAC in the Rosie birth centre (not standard protocol) and attended appointments with me- luckily this time round they were not stressful and I suspect her presence helped with the approach that the medical staff took with me. In the end I figured that a home birth would give me the best possible chance of the natural birth I wanted. Sophie was great to talk to throughout this decision making process, and informing me of the best possible way to broach the subject with my midwife given my circumstances.


Throughout the labour I did not notice Sophie too much as I went into myself and I was coping well so she did not interrupt. Everything at the time had felt straightforward to me. However it was only afterwards talking to Ben that I realised how instrumental she had been in ensuring I got made the decisions I wanted to and got the outcome I wanted – our lovely son born at home with no stitches! Sophie had been guarding my birth plan and liaising with the midwives extensively to prepare them for what I wanted, so when I told them, they simply accepted my responses without pushing me, making the process massively less stressful.


After the birth Sophie came round to do a closing the bones massage – which was soo relaxing and really nice to do something for me in that early postnatal period. I would really recommend it. She has remained a constant source of helpful information on diverse topics like parenting techniques to manage the new dynamics of a toddler and newborn. Thank you so much Sophie!


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