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Laila and Alex

Laila and Alex

Doula testimonial


We feel intensely grateful for the support we received from Sophie in the weeks leading up to our birth, and during the labour. Sophie throughout was supportive, enthusiastic about our choices, an empathetic listener, and incredibly generous in her time. We particularly appreciated her extensive knowledge, that allowed us to feel confident in making well-informed decisions, and to devise birth preferences that made us feel we knew what we wanted, and what we would do if we had to divert from that path. I do not believe we could have had the home birth we had without her help in planning it, and her support during it. Her presence at the birth brought calm from the moment she stepped through the door, for both Alex and myself. She literally held my hands throughout the labour, which somehow seemed to invest me with confidence and strength even during the hardest parts of the birthing process. We cannot thank her enough for the lovely sessions we had in the last weeks of pregnancy, her expertise, support, and magic hands. Thank you Sophie!

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