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Jo and Nick

Jo and Nick

Doula testimonial

JoI found the whole Doula experience really helpful. I met Sophie a number of time before the labour and each time she had helpful information and advice to deal with the particular complexities of my pregnancy. This created a held experience for me, which greatly reduced any anxiety I was experiencing. Her help and support were invaluable during labour. Her guidance and experience allowed me to use far less pain medication than would otherwise been the case. This resulted in a really positive birth experience despite considerable complications. Doulas aren’t just for the Mum! Labour is a great unknown for Mum, but in some ways even harder for Dad who has to watch his partner through an intense experience, often with little support and often caught between his partner and the medical team. Sophie provided him with an experienced guide and trusted council. Sophie’s educational approach has no doubt informed and impacted our parenting (for the better). We have a delightfully happy and content baby, for which we are hugely grateful! In short, Sophie was fantastic, I would recommend her to everyone.

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