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Em and Lawrence

Em and Lawrence

Doula testimonial

My partner and I knew from the first moments of meeting Sophie on Skype that we wanted her to be there during my labour. Her knowledge and generosity were startling and I felt instinctively safe in her capable hands. As it transpired, we feel so blessed that we were able to book Sophie as our Doula. She helped us navigate some unexpected medical complications and helped us weigh up risks and benefits. She even came with us to a meeting with a consultant – which gave us confidence in a difficult situation. In the end she helped me give birth completely naturally, without all the medical intervention which was threatened – and I never thought I would manage it. Her strength, calm and intuitive guidance were incredibly reassuring. She worked expertly with both the midwife in the delivery unit and my partner – making everyone feel confident. I’m especially grateful for all the little details like knowing when to put a water bottle to my mouth, or feed me a glucose tablet, or guide us with our newborn baby’s first feed. Since the birth, I have been so grateful for her support in ways I could never have imagined I would need before the birth. I found her Reiki and Closing the Bones massage treatments made me feel held and physically restored – and her advice and support in the first bewildering weeks has been invaluable.

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