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doula training course testimonial

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for welcoming me into the doula sisterhood. It has been life changing. The past two weeks have been incredibly rewarding and also very difficult for me.
 As I’ve said to Sophie, I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on my practice and on the practice of my midwifery colleagues. Much needs to change. I feel immense guilt after hearing first hand the way that midwives and obstetricians have treated women that trusted them to care for them. I pride myself on being a woman centred practitioner yet know I am guilty of not fully explaining the implications of the interventions we so readily offer women. I spent most of yesterday debriefing with my midwifery mentor about how much needs to change.
As difficult as it has been, these reflections have been invaluable. So thank you!
I have learnt SO many holistic skills and the women in my care are already benefiting from them. I shall always be very proud of the little doula inside of the midwife me, she’s going to enable me to be a better midwife that’s for sure!
I’m rambling now but THANK YOU.

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