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Catherine and John

Catherine and John

Doula testimonial

We only came across the idea of a Doula late in my pregnancy and we thought it would be great to have the extra support. It was one of the best decisions we made and we were really lucky to find Sophie. Sophie took great care to understand us and our preferences and we really appreciated her open attitude and willingness to talk us through all the possible options at each stage of the birth. Sophie has a vast knowledge of childbirth and her caring and thoughtful character make her the perfect birth partner. Sophie kept in close contact with us and was always on hand to offer support and suggestions to make sure I was comfortable and ready for the birth. On the day Sophie was incredibly sympathetic to our needs and stepped in to support us or took a step back and gave us space exactly as needed. She created a positive, calm feeling in the room which I almost didn’t appreciate until it was all over and Sophie had gone home and it suddenly just felt like a hospital room again. What was invaluable to me was Sophie’s attentiveness during the birth such that we were able to discuss it in detail with her afterwards and she remembered many little details which we had forgotten. Sophie’s support enabled us to have a positive birth experience which we can look back on with pride.

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