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Reiki testimonial

I had Reiki with Sophie for the first time last week. Initially, we were looking at money blocks which I identified and could feel that some of them didn’t seem to be mine (I could see the same patterns running through my family).

Sophie and I connected over Skype initially and then she disconnected while she did the Reiki, picking up at the end for a discussion about what we had both felt.

Sophie’s healing energy – even remotely (she was in Cambridge, I was in Essex) – was extremely powerful. She identified a spirit animal for me which was the PERFECT fit for where I currently am in my life and without knowing, correctly identified energetic blocks and strengths.
I would and have recommended her to anyone who can’t quite put a finger on the source of an energetic block but wants it shifted. Her manner is caring and discreet, she is unassuming and extremely competent. I got the sense of a great deal of experience and even though there is a level of skepticism somewhere in the back of my mind, what she said was so spot on, I couldn’t help but take it to heart.
Thank you, Sophie!

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