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Sling Consultations

I am available for one to one slings consultations in Cambridge and surrounding villages.

What is a sling consultation and why should I pay for it?

Slings are like jeans or shoes, one size doesn't fit all, and what worked for your friend isn't necessarily going to be comfortable on you, so it is always a good idea to try before you buy :-). You can read more about choosing a sling in my guide to slings here

There are many different kinds and brands of carriers and I can help you navigate the maze of options available,

I own over 80 different carriers, ranging from woven and stretchy wraps to meitais, soft structured carriers and ring slings.

I have been supporting families in carrying their babies for 7 years and you will benefit from my experience.

I am entirely guided by you and have no agenda other than helping you find a sling that works for you and your baby.

Prior to a consultation, we'll have a chat to discuss your and your baby's needs. I then come to your house for a couple of hours (which gives us plenty of time to chat, try slings, feed and change baby etc), bringing with me a selection of slings to suit your needs,  along with a specially weighted demo doll.

It is an investment that is well worth it because you will then be able to purchase a sling that fits your needs and is comfortable for you and your baby, rather than buying something you may find doesn't work for you or doesn't feel comfortable.




During a consultation we will spend about 10/15 min discussing some babywearing theory first, which includes:

  • baby's spine and hip anatomy and development
  • how to carry your baby ergonomically, in a way that respects the developing spine and hips
  • how to use a sling safely.

I then demonstrate a few slings with a weighted demo doll.

Then it is your turn to try slings of your choice with the weighted demo doll (so you can concentrate on the tying and not have to worry about having to hold your wriggly baby at the same time).

This allows you to find out what slings are easiest to use and also most comfortable on your body.

Finally you get to try the sling(s) of your choice with your baby.

It is also possible to try and choose a sling whilst you are pregnant 🙂

I can also advise you on where to buy your sling(s) of choice.


  • One to one consultation, £70 for up to 2h, (thereafter £15 per 30 min or part of).
  • Joint consultation, up to 2h, (2 parents with 2 babies), £50 per family
  • Travel costs: 30p per mile over 5 miles

A deposit of half the consultation fee is payable at booking time, and non refundable if cancelled within less than 24h before the consultation.

I also offer the option of doing a two-part sling consultation via skype. After discussing your needs via email or phone, we meet over skype. In the first session I will go through anatomy and safety and demo a range of slings. You can then hire or purchase the slings of your choice. The second session I help you learn to use it confidently with your baby.

Contact me if you would like to book a consultation

Comments from previous clients:


I appreciated the advice on how to use slings safely, plus meeting people who actually use them which makes it all seem more real and do-able. Also the exposure to lots of different sorts of slings so you know that if one sort doesn’t suit there are others which may. Using a sling for me…

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I came to the sling group for the first time to find out what sling to use now that my baby is getting too big for a wrap and I received great advice. BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY: my baby was born prematurely and I had read that carrying her in a sling would help her. I was…

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It’s invaluable I think. There is an overwhelming choice but ultimately, you need to try the slings on first to see if you and your baby like it and get some guidance from someone who understands the options. I think without the consultation, I wouldn’t have persevered with a sling in the first place, let…

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I left the consultation with a smile, not only from learning how to back carry but also due to Sophie’s enthusiasm and personality. She is a very friendly, easy going person who is clearly very knowledgeable and can impart that knowledge in a clear manner. I would definitely recommend her.

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Thank you for your detailed explanation of how to baby wear safely and for helping us understand the slings. In keeping with your standards, the session was very informative and I look forward to carrying my baby hands free!

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