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Reiki for birthworkers

A two days workshop for doulas, midwifes, therapists and birthworkers.

  • Are you a doula, midwife, therapist, someone who supports expectant and new mothers?
  • Do you encounter energetic challenges in the birth room?
  • Do you find yourself getting depleted and low on energy during long births?
  • Do you want to be able to manage your own energy and that of the room you are in?
  • Would you like to develop a unique way of looking after yourself and your clients is a way that is both empowering, gentle and holistic?


Reiki healing

Aimed at birth workers

To  the best of my knowledge, this is the only Reiki training aimed solely at birthworkers. You will learn the traditional Reiki techniques and hand positions, but the course also incorporate a unique element about how to use the techniques in the context of supporting pregnant and birthing women.

During this two day workshop you will learn to use Reiki, a Japanese form of hands on healing, for self healing, for yourself and your family and friends, for managing your energy and the energy of those around you during a birth, and to support your client during their pregnancy, labour, birth and postnatal period.

During this workshop, you will get attuned to Holy Fire Reiki energy at level I and II, allowing you to start practising immediately on yourself, your friends and family and clients.

The ethos of this workshop is that the Reiki is first and foremost for yourself and your loved ones. It isn't aimed at just giving you a tool to use on your clients. Reiki is a very intelligent energy and will bring you personal growth and healing as well as giving you tools to manage feelings and energy in many situations (and not just for birth).

The workshop is limited to a small group of 8 participants so that you can all benefit from enough individual attention. The workshop includes an extensive handout pack, and you will also gain access to a closed Facebook group where you can exchange knowledge with other people having attended this workshop.

Facilitated by Sophie Messager, PhD, research scientist, doula, antenatal educator and Holy Fire II Reiki master teacher. Sophie had been using Reiki in her birthwork and you will benefit from her experience and stories of using Reiki at births.

This workshop covers 2 days and costs £249

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Comments from previous attendees of the workshop:

I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the course, your broad knowledge and experience, and your encouragement of intuition and self care. I feel relaxed, positive and excited about changing particular parts of my lifestyle with Reiki. Thank you so much Sophie.

I loved hearing the stories and knowing how flexible and non prescriptive the technique is. As always, your knowledge about so many different topics enriches your workshop in a lovely and lively way.

I enjoyed understanding what Reiki is, channelling the Reiki and learning the symbols. It was a wonderful 2 days, thank you Sophie

What I found most useful was being encouraged to experiment and use my intuition. I feel very excited about this new tool and cannot wait to start using it and see its effects.

I felt the course was informative and helped increase my understanding whilst leaving me with a thirst for learning more, thank you.

I like your encouragement to follow intuition and your non prescriptive approach. I loved your clear explanations, everything made sense. Thank you! your belief and enthusiasm are inspiring.

I came to this course as a real skeptic, but what I experienced was profound and moving, and I believe will be life changing, both for my practice as a doula, and for my personal life.Wonderful course, and Sophie is a wonderful teacher.Highly recommended.

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