Rebozo Workshop

Picture yourself, heavily pregnant, uncomfortable, and fed up of waiting for baby to arrive. Imagine yourself in labour feeling uncomfortable, and later on after your baby’s birth, feeling open and unstable. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a magic and wonderfully simple tool to support you through these moments?

In all of these three situations, a scarf or shawl like (but not limited to) the Mexican rebozo, can provide the most amazing comfort and support. Imagine having your hips wrapped and your bump supported, or being rocked so your whole body relaxes and softens, helping you move back into comfort and a better frame of mind whilst you wait for labour to start… having your bump lifted and rocked helping your muscles and ligaments relax and giving your baby a chance to move into an optimal position, and having your tense muscles gently wobbled during labour, promoting both comfort, progress and relaxation? And finally, having your hips and abdomen gently supported after the birth?

The magic doesn’t stop there because you can use a shawl to support yourself and your friends and family through many transitions and emotional moments too!

Rebozo Workshop

The Rebozo online course

A self paced, bite sized, online course, with over 25 techniques to support pregnancy, birth and the postartum


This invaluable additional skill is what I teach doulas,  birth workers, therapists, antenatal and postnatal educators in my spiritual and practical workshop “Mindful Rebozo”.

We cover techniques for life, for pregnancy, for pelvic balancing and optimal fetal positioning, comfort measures for labour and nurturing techniques for the postnatal period and beyond.

At the end of the day you will feel confident using a number of carefully chosen techniques. You will also know how to use them mindfully, in a way that is empowering to your clients.

This is the essence of this workshop : my philosophy is that women can birth their babies very well by themselves, and that all we need to offer is the right support for them to do so. So none of the techniques are aimed at “fixing” a problem, and most of the teaching is aimed at providing passive (where the woman does the work herself) rather than active techniques (when you do it for her). The techniques are presented as a comforting skill for life (including self care techniques) which will also benefit yourself and your friends and family.

What makes this workshop unique? This is a small group workshop limited to about 12-14 people so there is plenty of time for individual attention.

You will receive a very detailed handout, which contains my own unique mix of traditional and scientific knowledge. The handout has instructions, pictures and videos of each of the techniques, and contains comments from an osteopath about the effect of each technique on the various joints and organs. Attendance to the workshop also gives you access to a secret Facebook group of nearly 100 practitioners to provide support and exchange knowledge.

If you’d like to read about the background on how and why I created this workshop, head over here

I am so passionate about offering these skills, that, as well as the live workshop, I offer the course as a self study ebook, and I’ve also made the knowledge offered in the workshops available as an online course

I offer rebozo workshops in Cambridge and around the UK and beyond and beyond for birth and perinatal professionals

I am also happy to travel and run the workshop in your area if you can provide a group of minimum of 6 people and a venue.

This live workshop runs from 9h30 to 5pm  and costs £120 per person

This workshop is also available as an online course

I have run a series of self massage and wrapping rebozo workshops on Zoom (1h long) which are available to purchase as a recording for only £10

Upcoming Mindful Rebozo Workshops

  • Mini rebozo self massage workshop recording April  Book Now
  • Mini rebozo self massage workshop recording (includes a new neck technique) May Book Now
  • Self wrapping workshop recording  Book Now

If you'd like a free taster of what it is included in this course, you can download a free 3 rebozo techniques PDF here.

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