Why the Rebozo online course?

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What's in the course?

Why am I the right instructor?

Picture yourself, heavily pregnant, uncomfortable, and fed up waiting for baby to arrive. Imagine yourself in labour feeling uncomfortable, and later on after your baby's birth, feeling open and unstable. Wouldn't it be wonderful if there was a magic and wonderfully simple tool to support you through these moments?

In all of these three situations, a traditional shawl like the Mexican Rebozo, can provide the most amazing comfort and support. Imagine having your hips wrapped and your bump supported, or being rocked so your whole body relaxes and softens, helping you move back into comfort and a better frame of mind whilst you wait for labour to start… having your bump lifted and rocked helping your muscles and ligaments relax and giving your baby a chance to move into an optimal position, and having your tense muscles gently wobbled during labour, promoting both comfort, progress and relaxation? And finally having your hips and abdomen gently supported after the birth?

Many women suffer needlessly during pregnancy, labour and birth. Physical discomfort during pregnancy is treatable. It isn't normal to suffer and don't believe people who tell you that "there is nothing you can do about it". Similarly, comfort in labour can be easily brought by movement and relaxation. There is a direct link between tension and pain. Physical tension can  in turn make it more difficult to fully relax and make labour more difficult to cope with. Often there is a lot that can be done to increase comfort levels, and it's easy to learn and to do.

A simple and extremely versatile way to provide comfort and relaxation is to use a scarf or shawl like a Mexican Rebozo, which can be used in many way to support a woman through pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period.

What makes this course unique?

  • You will feel empowered because you know have a simple but powerful tool to comfort women
  • The woman you serve will be more comfortable, more relaxed and supported, all things very important for pregnancy and labour
  • Because of Sophie's background this course is developed with a unique mix of science and traditions
  • This course is made especially for the internet, to make sure you will be able to apply the techniques correctly in real life

About the instructor

Photo of Rebozo Course Instructor Sophie MessagerAn experienced birth and postnatal doula and doula mentor, Sophie also holds a degree in antenatal education and spent 5 years teaching antenatal courses for the NCT. She is also a babywearing instructor and tutor, and a Reiki Master teacher. She has been facilitating various workshops for birthworkers since 2012. Prior to retraining to support new parents, she spent 20 years working as a biology research scientist, and has a PhD in physiology of Reproduction. She brings a unique mix of science and traditions to her teaching. Sophie knows how to package and transmit information in a way that allows students to learn easily and enjoyably.

What will you get?

  • 5 Modules + Introduction and Conclusion modules, packed with techniques and important information
  • Videos, pictures and plain text with each technique for optimal learning
  • A course that has been tested with 115 early adopters
  • Access to a closed Facebook community for ongoing support and direct access to Sophie

Comments from students of the online course

I really enjoyed working my way through the online course. It was broken up into bite size chunks which made it easier to work through and I could dip in and out when necessary which was handy, especially around my little ones.The video tutorials and the written instructions alongside are clear and it's handy as you can go back over them as many times as necessary.Sophie is clearly very passionate about this subject and it shines through.Abby, Doula

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