Why Postnatal Recovery Matters Book


Why Postnatal Recovery Matters Book (this price includes free postage in the UK only-contact me for overseas prices)


Please note that this price includes postage in the UK only. Do contact me for overseas postage.

I am delighted that you want to buy a copy of my book. The more people read it the closer we are getting to changing the culture of the postpartum towards a more nurturing one.

What are the advantages of buying the book directly from me, the author, rather than from the publisher or from online sites like Amazon?

Both the publisher and I get more money this way. If you buy the book on amazon, I'll get about 20p per book in about 5 month's time, if you buy from me both myself and the publisher get about £2 almost immediately.

So you know that your money goes towards supporting an amazing independent publisher rather than a large corporation, and to support me, the author as well.

What is different if you buy it from me?

I want to make receiving the book special for you or whoever you buy it for.

I will sign the book with your name (or for someone else, you can tell me who it's for in your order form).

I will wrap it in purple tissue, and include a herbal teabag and a welcome letter with your book.

This way when you receive it, you can read the letter, then make yourself a lovely cup of tea to drink whilst you read the book.

Due to the steep increase in UK postage costs, I have increased the price of the book a little from £8.99 to £10.




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