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Sacred space spray



Sacred Space Smokeless Smudge Spray

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I have designed this spray as an alternative to smudging/cleansing with smoke, for when using smoke isn’t convenient or possible (buildings where this isn’t allowed, people with asthma, people who would be freaked out by the “alternative” aspect of using smoke etc).

It is designed to cleanse and lift negative/stagnant energy and give spaces (or people) the energetic equivalent of what a nice, cleansing shower would do to physical dirt.

Palo Santo is from the same family as Frankincense. The wood from the Palo Santo tree is traditionally burned in South America for the purpose of clearing negative energies from living spaces. The essential oil can also be used in prayer, energy work, etc.

Palo Santo is traditionally used for relieving common colds, flu symptoms, stress, asthma, headaches, anxiety, depression, inflammation, emotional pain and more. Palo Santo is great for calming the immune and nervous system for faster recovery of illness. In its essential oil form, it works well for physical pain and inflammation too.

This spray has been made with intention and in ceremony, and contains very potent essential oil of Palo Santo from Ecuador. The Palo Santo oil I use is produced a sustainable way, that allows us a trace-ability from its planting, picking, transformation and commercialisation . This is done without harming the palo santo trees, because my supplier only processes wood that has been found to have died naturally in the forest (it takes 4 to 10 years after the natural death of the tree for the oil to develop), and takes part in reforestration and forest preservation in Ecuador.

Palo Santo oil is is traditionally used to release negative energy and purify the energy field prior to energy work/meditation etc. It is also an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial oil.Β  The Palo Santo oil helps support a state of calmness and relaxation, and is therefore helpful to use for meditation, concentration and creativity.

The bottle also contains crystal chips, which help hold the energy I have imbued it with. The bottle has been smudged with Palo Santo smoke and charged with Reiki.

This spray bottle is a 60 ml glass bottle

The refill is a tiny, 5ml glass bottle, which is design to refill the original spray bottle, adding some alcohol and water (instructions will be provided when you buy a refill)


Crystal charged water (Clear Quartz Amethyst and Rose Quartz), Vodka, Essential oil of Palo Santo, homemade Gem essence (labradorite), crystal chips (Quartz and Amethyst), in a 60 ml purple glass bottle.

Refill bottle:

Vodka, Palo santo essential oil, crystal chips.

How to use

Shake well before use.

Spray around the space you intent to clear or set up for your work, with the intention of clearing.

This spray can also be used to clear people’s energy field, much like the smoke of sacred herbs. Simply spray around yourself or the person(s) with the intention of energy cleansing.

Here is some feedback from people who have tried this spray:

“From the moment I opened my package, I knew I had something special in my hand, I gave it a shake, sprayed it round my head and had the best nights sleep I had had in weeks.

I decided to save reviewing the spray until I had the chance to take it to a birth – there was something so peaceful about shaking it and hearing the crystals chips inside tinkle away, testament to how every step along the way had been thought off.

I got my clients to stand still and sprayed them, almost anointing them with the spray and its gentle, woody smell surrounded us for a moment, giving a sacred feel to that moment, the energy in the room lifted and I felt uplifted and also that it was so special to have something else to make this birth, in hospital, a more spiritual experience.

It is a lovely spray, the bottle feels nice to hold and you can feel the love and care that has gone into its making.”

Samantha Gadsden, Doula

“Just less than two weeks ago, I received the wonderful smudging spray from Sophie, the bottle itself had clearly been cared for and the smell coming through the packaging was lovely and strong (palo Santo). The spray itself is light, smells gorgeous and very powerful. A great alternative for us as a smokeless house. The crystals inside also make a really lovely little sound when shakeb before use. I’ll definitely be buying more once this gets low. Perfect timing around Full Moon too πŸ’œπŸŒ•.”

Danielle Cooke, doula

“Sacred Space spray is beautifully packaged and smells divine! The foresty scent of Palo Santo pulls me firmly into an appreciation of this present moment. It’s all I can do to stop my self from spraying it around willy-nilly and to reserve it for the special occasions for which it was so lovingly and ceremonially prepared.Β  Many of the spaces I use for women’s circles have fire alarms so smudging is not an option. Sophie’s Sacred Space creates the ceremonial atmosphere without setting off the alarms.Β  Using it feels so special and is an integral part of my work.
Thank you Sophie Messager for sharing this with me ❀️

Kerry Dolan, Hypnotherapist

I unwrapped this precious parcel with great anticipation. Even before I opened the bottle the smell of the Palo Santo was divine and sent me great warmth as it brings great memories. I used this in my own home and the smell is utterly divine. The smell is clean and potent but not over powering as it is very delicate. I could still smell it the following day in the rooms where I used it. I would highly recommend this spray to people who would love to smudge but smoke is neither appropriate, safe or appropriate. I would highly recommend this spray for birthing couples or birth workers hoping to cleanse the birthing space. I am very lucky to have this spray and it holds precious place in my heart and home.”

Allison Wickramasinghe, Midwife

“Absolutely love this smokeless smudge spray. Even to hold it in my hand, I could feel the reiki energy inside. Uplifting and beautiful – I used it during a clients birth recently and it really lifted up the rooms energy. I will definitely be a regular customer. Thank you Sophie”

Naomi Tolson, Doula

“I am in LOVE with this little bottle that now comes with me everywhere.
I am someone who loves to cleanse my energy before I go into my client’s space, whatever work we’re going to be doing together. In the past I’ve always used white sage or palo santo to do this (so I tend to smudge myself before leaving the house rather than in the car), but thanks to this little bottle I can do so quickly and easily, even in the car! However, before energy work I like to cleanse the space too. This little bottle has even been on holiday with me, meaning I could cleanse the space we were staying in too.
The spray contains palo santo essential oils (which Sophie has ensured are ethically sourced) and crystal chips. The crystal chips are really important as Sophie also charges the spray with Reiki and the chips help to hold this energy.
I do still love smudging with smoke, but this little bottle means I can create sacred space quickly and easily in a variety of different spaces where smoke simply isn’t feasible, including in hospitals.
I highly recommend this spray not just to birth workers and energy healers, but to anyone who would like to be able to cleanse energy and create sacred space around themselves quickly and easily.”

Helen Discombe, Doula

Β “If anyone is wondering whether to grab a spray or not, do it!!!!!! Its absolutely amazing, gorgeous & beautiful scent & energy! It is like pure positivity in a bottle!!! Grounding & cleansing!! Absolutely love it 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟”

Carly Lokrheim, Doula

“Sophie’s spray is absolutely beautiful, and completely unique in the way it feels. It’s so light, clean and delicate – I can really tell that there is love and great care taken in the preparation. I use palo santo wood regularly as part of my morning routine, but there are some places and situations where one can’t use a flame, and Sophie’s spray is the perfect solution (in every respect!). I particularly love the tiny crystals in every bottle.” Sophie Harris, Yoga teacher



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