Rebozo techniques for an easier birth




  1. Sophie Messager (verified owner)

    I completed Sophie’s online rebozo workshop recently and cannot recommend it enough. It was easy to follow, had great demonstration videos and was full of useful information. The course explains at each stage of pregnancy, the best use of the rebozo. Sophie talks you through each move and demonstrates it so it is very easy to replicate. I have been looking for a rebozo course for a long time and was so happy I found this one. Also, because it’s online, it can be accessed at a time and place convenient to you. The self massage part was my favourite new technique because it gives you something to use whether pregnant or not.
    Laura Carr, Midwife

  2. Sophie Messager (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed working my way through the online course. It was broken up into bite size chunks which made it easier to work through and I could dip in and out when necessary which was handy, especially around my little ones. The video tutorials and the written instructions alongside are clear and it’s handy as you can go back over them as many times as necessary. Sophie is clearly very passionate about this subject and it shines through.

    Abby, Doula

  3. Sophie Messager (verified owner)

    I found Sophie’s online rebozo course very helpful not only in my birth work but also in my breath work. After getting trough all easy to follow videos and information, I am able to apply the techniques in my practice as a birth doula and a breath practitioner. I found the skills which I gained from the course excellent tools which I can use in my work in order to help my clients. I also found Sophie passionate, very helpful and available in case of any additional questions. I am happy that found and took the course.

    Kasia Lipka Borodej, doula

  4. Sophie Messager (verified owner)

    I’m really impressed with the delivery and quality of the course – very easy to understand and a pleasure to watch.

    Jo Saville, Yoga teacher and doula

  5. Sophie Messager (verified owner)

    I have just completed the Rebozo course, it was really interesting. I can’t believe that something so simple can be so effective!

    Obviously being a Labour Ward Midwife, I was most interested in how I would be able to use Rebozo to help women who are in active labour, and I am certain that your demonstration videos have made this easy for me to grasp.

    I was also interested in how the Rebozo can be used immediately following the birth, and I really like the thought of wrapping the mother following the birth, to provide support to the tired ligaments.

    I would like to thank you for the simplicity of the course and the photographs and videos which made each technique really clear. I have really enjoyed it and cant wait to be able to use in with the women I am looking after.

    Ruth Taylor, midwife

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