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Palo Santo (holy wood) is a natural incense wood from the tree Bursera Graveolens, which is native of South America.

Its smoke is very powerful and is used in sacred rituals. It is traditionally used an an energy tool, to lift and cleanse both spaces and people’s energy field prior to rituals.

Palo Santo has an incredible aroma. It smells very fresh with hints of mint and citrus. Palo santo is one of the most fragrant woods in the world.

I have been seeking high and low to find the best quality Palo Santo I could.

I order this Palo Santo directly from a supplier in Ecuador.

This Palo Santo is produced a sustainable way, that allows us a traceability from its planting, picking, transformation and commercialization . This is done without harming the palo santo trees, because my supplier only processes wood that has been found to have died naturally in the forest, and takes part in reforestration and forest prevervation in Ecuador. For every old tree that dies, a young one is planted to make sure that the number of palo santo trees is steady and growing.

I offer two products: a bundle of 5 palo santo sticks, and a bundle of 5 palo santo incense cones.

How to use

Sticks: Light the end of the stick using a lighter until the wood is in flames, let is burn for 30 secs or so and waft the smoke around the person or the space.

Incense cones: Place the cone in a fire resistant incense burner, light the top of the cone briefly and blow the flame.

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