One hour one to one soul doula mentoring session


One hour one to one mentoring session

This is a booking for a one hour Soul Doula mentoring session,  via phone or video call.

Are you feeling worried, out of your comfort zone or overwhelmed within your work or life (this is particularly relevant not limited to birthwork)? Are you wanting to explore new areas but worried that you aren't qualified enough, experienced enough, or good enough?  Are you unsure how to more forward? Then I can help!

In this session we will explore a topic that is part of developing you own unique voice and tell the world without feeling that you aren't good enough. This can include topics such as impostor syndrome, living a more connected life, spiritual development, writing, getting out of overwhelm etc

I aim to be a sounding board, and hold space for you in order to find the right solution for you. I aim to help you to work with your own unique skills as opposed to giving you a one size fits all "do it like me" solution.

I have been years of experience working as a doula and as a doula mentor. I have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share and to support you with.


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