Mindful rebozo self study ebook


Here is the new version of my rebozo course self study e-book.

I offer this e-book as an alternative for people who cannot attend a live workshop and/or prefer to study by themselves in their own time.

What do you get?

A 19 page handbook with 2 articles on the history and background of rebozo, shawls and scarves use, twenty five different rebozo techniques to support  pregnancy, birth and early postnatal period (which are also applicable to yourself and your family for nurture and relaxation), and an extensive further reading section which gives you links and reference of every single rebozo book or article I know.

Each of the 25 rebozo techniques is accompanied by a detailed description, a picture, a link to a tutorial video showing you how to do the technique, and a paragraph about an osteopath's view of the effects of the technique on the various joints and organs.

This updated version has a whole new set of pictures and video tutorials which are longer, more detailed, and with more verbal instructions and are designed to make practising the techniques easier than with the first version of this e-book.

You can  to have a preview look at what you'll get by in this blog

You can also download a free 3 rebozo techniques PDF at the bottom of this page


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