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Open Weave Mexican Rebozo in various colours

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This rebozo has a open weave pattern (known as drawnwork).

It is hand loomed by a small family artisan business in the Mexican region of Michoacán.

Ruth and Sabino, and their family members, run their small business together. They hand-dye the cotton then handloom the rebozos on traditional wooden looms.  The backstrap loom weaving is done by women and the standing loom by men. Women do the fringe knotting.

The weavers use to only weave part time between growing crops and harvesting them, but they are now able to weave almost full time with the added market provided by this business, so they earn a better living and have a better quality of life.

It is made of 100% cotton, and is 250 cm long (plus a 20 cm fringe at each end) by 60 cm wide.

Washing instructions: these rebozos tend to release a lot of colour when washed. Please wash separately (I find adding salt to the wash helps fix the colour) and wash either by hand or on a handwash cycle the washing machine to avoid tangling the fringe.

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Red, Orange, Yellow, Dark Blue, Turquoise, Purple, violet, Rose, Pale Yellow, Mango, Pale blue, Lime Green, Hot pink, Purple and cream


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