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Fabric mask



Open Weave Mexican Rebozo in various colours



This mask is made from 3 layers of cotton fabric based on the pattern designed by Youtuber Homemadeonourhomestead, with some minor modifications. I used t-shirt yarn for the tie more comfortable than a non stretchy material, and because the tie can withstand a hot wash and not get damaged, contrary to elastic.

The mask has a pocket which allows you to add a filter or a layer of tissue if you wish.

The mask includes a pipe cleaner near the nose area to help fit better around the nose. I also include a spare one with your mask. The pipe cleaner will rust when washed so I suggest that you remove it prior to washing (it has been sewn with a gap around it so that you can do that via the inside of the pocket- this video shows you how to do this .

Remember that this mask hasn’t been tested so I cannot guarantee that it will protect you against respiratory illnesses.

Washing instructions: you can wash this mask at 40 or even 60 degrees as it is all made of cotton. Make sure to tie the loose ends of your mask ties together when washing, to keep them from pulling out of your mask.

How to put the mask on so that it fits well

You can also watch this instruction video.

1) Hold your mask up so the tie loop is up and the loose ends of the ties are hanging down towards the ground. The filter pocket opening should be facing away from you.

2) Slip the tie loop over your head.

3) Holding onto the two loose ends of the mask ties, tighten up the cotton portion of your mask to your neck. To ensure the best fit, push the loop tie that is around your neck up to the base of your hairline at the back of your head.

4) With one loose tie in each of your hands, pull the ties up upwards. Once the mask is up in front of your face, gently pull each tie out to the side of your head. You should begin to feel the mask start to cinch down on each side.

5) Once the mask is in a position over your face where you can see, pull the ties to the back, behind your ears (or where it feels the more comfortable), and tie into a bow.

5) After your mask is tied into place, you can adjust the fit as needed.

6) Run your fingers over the mask portion that is covering the bridge of your nose and gently press down on the wire that is in your mask so it lays closely to your nose.

7) Your mask should now be comfortably fitted to your face.

To remove your mask safely (also shown in this video):

1) Undo the bow at the back of your head

2) Holding the loose ties, pull the mask down and away from your face

2) Holding the sides of the mask, pull away from your face so that the loop becomes loose enough to slip it easily over your head

3) Pull the loop over your head

4) Put the mask straight into the washing machine (or in a sealed bag if you are out) and wash/sanitise your hands

This mask cost £15 including UK postage (please contact me for prices for outside the UK)


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Red, Orange, Yellow, Dark Blue, Turquoise, Purple, violet, Rose, Pale Yellow, Mango, Pale blue, Lime Green, Hot pink, Purple and white, Brick red, black and white, blue and white, pink and white, Burgundy, Green


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