Doula, Healer, Antenatal Educator, and Babywearing Instructor.

Workshops to help birth workers unleash their inner power through a unique blend of science and traditions.

  • Closing the Bones Postnatal Massage
  • Babywearing
  • Rebozo Use
  • Reiki Healing

Doula, Antenatal and Postnatal Educator, Babywearing Instructor and Reiki Healer.

Workshops to help birth workers unleash their inner power through a unique blend of science and traditions.

  • Closing the Bones Postnatal Massage
  • Babywearing
  • Rebozo Use
  • Reiki Healing
Sophie Messager

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Latest reads from my blog


The slow disappearance of homebirth services, the erosion of women’s choices and the need for respect and kindness.

This week I received an invitation to a group called “save our homebirth team”. It broke my heart, because this a campaign against the disappearance of the dedicated homebirth team in Peterborough. Peterborough is one of the few trusts in the UK that still has a dedicated homebirth team. This means that there is a…

Closing the Bones

Advanced closing the bones with Rocio Alarcon

Rocio and Maddie at the Cae Mabon workshop Three years ago I was very fortunate to meet Ecuadorian shaman, healer and ethnobotanist Rocio Alarcon at a doula retreat in North Wales. She facilitated a workshop on the closing the bones postnatal treatment and massage This was transformative for me in many ways, not the least…

hips drop shadow

Weaving the cloth of support through a woman’s life, part 4: Closing the bones.

Rocking the hips with a rebozo Most cultures around the world have an innate understanding of the vulnerability of a new mother and the need for her to be cared for and nurtured to recover from growing and birthing her baby. Many of the postpartum traditions include nourishing foods and a period of confinement, and…

heart on book

Head versus hands knowledge

I had a realisation a while ago that I didn’t value my “hand knowledge” enough We live in a culture which values and glorifies “head knowledge” over any of kinds of knowledge. Intellectual knowledge, academic knowledge, whatever you call it. This is the type of knowledge you get from getting a degree, from getting formal…


Doula myths series part 1 "I don't need a doula because I have my partner"

There are several myths/misconceptions are doula support. One of them is “I don’t need a doula because I will have my partner to support me through the birth”. Sometimes, the partner themselves feels concerned that the doula is going to take their place/make them feel redundant. It couldn’t be further from the truth. So why…

Why I stopped wearing a bra

This morning I started writing a blog post on the use of hips, bump and belly binding during pregnancy and after birth (read that here)- then I realised I had to write about this first-because I refer to it in the wrapping post, which will be next. In January this year I stopped wearing a…

Feeling raw after a long birth

I’m just back from a long birth with little sleep. One that didn’t end the way that the parents had hoped for. They seem OK and are very grateful for the support. But I feel very raw and open, and for some reason I also feel the need to “stay” with that feeling for now-I…

Career changes, giving stuff up and doing what makes your heart sing

I am accustomed to making drastic career changes. As you may already know, 3.5 years ago I left a 20 year career in biology research to follow my heart’s calling by becoming a doula, antenatal educator and babywearing instructor (read why I did that here). By becoming a doula, being at births and hanging out…

Refilling my fuel pump-reflection on the doula retreat

I’m just back from the annual doula retreat in North Wales. Every year for the last 4 years I have joined a group of like minded doulas and birthworkers at the magical place that is Cae Mabon. I am ever so grateful to doula Selina Wallis for organising it 🙂 Cae Mabon is an eco…

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