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Doula, Healer, Bodyworker

Workshops to help birth workers unleash their inner power through a unique blend of science and traditions.

  • Postnatal Massages
  • Rebozo techniques
  • Reiki for birthworkers

Doula, Bodyworker, Healer.

Workshops to help birth workers unleash their inner power through a unique blend of science and traditions.

  • Postnatal Massages
  • Rebozo use
  • Reiki training

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How do we make decisions (especially difficult ones during pregnancy and birth)?

I’ve been reflecting on the complexity of decision making lately. How do we make decisions , especially difficult ones, and how does this apply to pregnancy and birth? Let’s debunk some myths first. I think we naively like to believe that we make decisions in a step by step, rational, logical, maybe even scientific basis.…

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Today I was healed-a closing the bones story

We recently asked for stories from the people trained in offering closing the bones. We ran a competition to celebrate our 200th member. We wanted their experiences of both giving and receiving. We had many marvellous entries and will be sharing the winning entries over the coming weeks. Here is our runner-up winner, Rosie, with…


Sacral release : the most powerful of all spinning babies techniques?

This week I attended the advanced spinning babies workshop with Gail Tully and Debra Mc Laughlin. I already knew many of the techniques, having learnt them with other birthworkers, and having refined them by attending the first spinning babies workshop in 2016. Spinning babies, the brain child of American midwife Gail Tully, is a set…

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a male doula’s experience of closing the bones

Please visit our sister website to read Dr Attila Jonas’s account of closing the bones Closing the bones : a male doula’s experience


Reflections on four years as a doula

This week is world doula week and I thought it would be the perfect occasion to reflect on what I have learnt since I became a doula. I kind of fell into doulaing when my friend Maddie McMahon invited me to attend her first ever Developing Doulas course, back in 2008. Four years later, Maddie…


Do you find it hard to charge for your services?

I have been meaning to write this for a while. This week I had a couple of conversations both online and in real life, which finally gave me the impetus to write it I have 4 hats: doula, antenatal and postnatal educator, babywearing instructor and healer, and therefore interact with a lot of people in…


How to survive a long birth as a doula

When I started working as a doula, one of my biggest fears was: how will I survive the sleep deprivation of a long birth? The universe was kind to me, because my first birth was a text book, 12h long easy birth centre water birth, I came back elated and full of joy! And overall,…

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Valentines day is bullshit

Today is Valentines day. Up until a few years ago, I bought into the “romantic” idea of it. I don’t anymore. I guess you might have got that from the title of this post already  😉 I think it ‘s a piece of commercial bullshit, and it just makes me laugh, to be honest. The…

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Love and fear-more than ever

I am sure I am not the only one who feels this at the moment. We aren’t in a particularly happy space in the world right now. I spoke to several friends recently about the doom and gloom of my Facebook feed. Some people have chosen to give themselves a social media break as they…

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