Doula, Healer, Bodyworker

Workshops to help birth workers unleash their inner power through a unique blend of science and traditions.

  • Postnatal Massages
  • Rebozo Use
  • Reiki training
  • Doula training
  • Babywearing training

Doula, Antenatal and Postnatal Educator, Babywearing Instructor and Reiki Healer.

Workshops to help birth workers unleash their inner power through a unique blend of science and traditions.

  • Postnatal Massages
  • Doula training
  • Reiki training
  • Rebozo use
  • Babywearing training

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Latest reads from my blog

bump wrapping (2)

Why a rebozo, shawl or scarf might be the most powerful tool in your toolbox

Why a shawl or scarf might be the most powerful tool in your tool box Over the last 8 years, since I started my reconversion in the world of science to that of a birthworker, the one tool that has amazed me the most is the humble shawl or scarf. You might know it foremost…


The background of the rebozo

I’ve written a guest blog for Birthing4Pros on the background of the rebozo The Background of Rebozo


Sophie’s guide to choosing a rebozo

When I started using rebozos 5 years ago, I only had one, a short, open weave one. It worked well for me, and I used it to support many mums through labour. Over the last 6 years that I have worked as doula, I have developed my own knowledge of rebozo use and how varied…

chinese warrior

The gentle warrior-how to support women through a broken maternity system

During the first year I worked as a doula, I suffered massively burnout, and I had t learn to develop a new way to look after myself. One of the things I do, is try to always have some kind of bodywork treatment after each birth I support. I do this because supporting a woman…


Today I give myself permission to do nothing

Today is the first day of my cycle. Since attending a menstrual cycle workshop with Alexandra Pope of Red School a couple of years ago, I have come to understand that that the first couple of days of my cycle are days when I need to retreat into myself and do very little. Last month I…


What’s in your doula bag, and does it really matter?

When I started working as a doula nearly 6 years ago, I spent much time researching what other doulas had in their bags. I loved looking at blogs and getting ideas from other more experienced doulas. I discovered and bought much stuff, from honey straws to massage tools. Interestingly, many more experienced doulas told me…


The value of a doula

3 years ago I wrote my first blog post, in response to an article in the independent, accusing doulas of being money grabbing opportunists. Today I feel compelled to write another blog post, as this time a medical professional is saying that we charge “extortionate prices”. Dr Ahmed Rashid, an NHS doctor, wrote this piece…


The mother blessing -a mother centered alternative to the baby shower

  Recently I had the privilege to organise a mother blessings for one of our local doulas who was pregnant. A mother blessing is an alternative to the “baby shower” were friends of the pregnant mother gather to give her presents. The big difference is that in the baby shower, all the presents are for…

drum sisters

Reflections on what I did in 2017

In my last blog, I suggested you spent some time reflecting on what you achieved in 2017. Inspired by my favourite doula, Maddie Mc Mahon, review of the year (you can read hers here), I decided to blog about reviewing my year too. As you will see, one should really do what they preach because…

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