One-to-one Antenatal session

If you would prefer a personalised session for you and your birthing partner, I offer private one to one antenatal sessions

Sessions available:

  • Birth preparation
  • Preparation for breastfeeding
  • Preparation for carrying your baby
  • Optimal fetal positioning (includes techniques to help flip breech babies)

Birth Preparation

One or two session of up to 2 hours each, to explore your birth options, debrief previous birth experiences, help with preparing your birth preferences, discuss and practise strategies for labour and birth, comfort measures (can include rebozo and spinning babies techniques) and breathing techniques for you and for your partner. Tips and ideas for the early days with your baby.

Optimal fetal positioning and pelvic balancing

This is a 2h session to teach you and your partner positioning and pelvic balancing techniques to help your baby be in the optimal position for birth (this includes techniques to help flip a breech baby). I have done the Spinning babies training and I also teach rebozo techniques for pregnancy, labour and birth.

Preparation for breastfeeding

This is a 2 hour session with you (and your partner) in the second half of your pregnancy. We explore your feelings about breastfeeding, your previous experiences of feeding any older siblings, how breastfeeding works, what to expect in the early days and we practice some positions to help comfortably breastfeed in and talk about how to latch your baby on effectively.

Preparation for carrying your baby

This is a 2h session to explore the advantages of carrying your baby, how to carry in a way that is both safe and ergonomical for you and your baby, the different types of baby carriers available, and practising using your preferred styles of carrier(s) using a special weighted demo doll.

 Remote doula support

I am available for phone or skype sessions as well as face to face sessions.


What I offer

All sessions cost £70 each plus 30p per mile over 5 miles.

For the Preparation for Carrying your Baby session there is an option for a one hour 'refresher' after the birth for £30.

I also offer the option of one-off phone or skype session at £30 per hour.

Get in touch to arrange a session

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