One-to-one Antenatal session


I offer a range of personalised one to one sessions in the comfort of your own home. Prior to each of these session we will have a chat on the phone to make sure that the session is completely tailored to your needs.

  • Birth preparation
  • Preparation for carrying your baby
  • Optimal fetal positioning (includes techniques to help flip a breech or a back to back baby)
  • Help labour start (“overdue” session or when waters have broken without labour starting)
  • Mother blessing ceremony
one on one antenatal

Birth Preparation

During this session I will help you explore your birth options, help alleviate any worries/concerns you may have, debrief previous birth experience(s) if relevant, help you with preparing your birth plan, demonstrate and practise strategies for labour and birth, including comfort measures for labour (can include rebozo and spinning babies techniques) and breathing/relaxation techniques for you and for your partner. The session can also include planning for the early days with your baby, such as practical babycare, coping with the changes, and planning for a relaxing postnatal recovery.


Optimal fetal positioning and pelvic balancing

During this session I will teach you and your partner a range of unique positioning and pelvic balancing techniques to help your baby be in the optimal position for birth. This can include techniques to help flip a breech baby or techniques to help turn a baby who is back to back. I have done the Spinning babies training and I also teach rebozo techniques for pregnancy, labour and birth.


Getting labour to start

During this session I will demonstrate and teach you and/or your partner a range of techniques which may help labour to start when its really needed. For example when your due date has long passed and you are fed up and being put under pressure of induction of labour. This can also be extremely useful if your waters have broken and labour hasn’t started yet.

Rebozo Workshop


Preparation for carrying your baby

During this session we will explore the advantages of carrying your baby, how to carry in a way that is both safe and comfortable for you and your baby, the different types of baby carriers available, and practising using your preferred styles of carrier(s) using a special weighted demo doll.



Mother blessing ceremony

A mother centred alternative to a baby shower, this is entirely tailored to your preferences. You can read about one I organised here



What I offer

All sessions are 2h long and cost between £120 plus 30p per mile over 5 miles. (except the mother blessing, prices start at £180, which include the ceremony itself (2-3h), and up to 1h of preparation and communication time, and equipment)

For the Preparation for Carrying your Baby session there is an option for a one hour ‘refresher’ after the birth for £60.

I also offer the option of one-off phone or video session at £60 per hour.

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One to one antenatal session


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