One to one postnatal session

Your baby’s here. Congratulations!

You are undergoing a rollercoaster of feelings, elated one minute but tearful and exhausted the next.

You are feeling full of doubts that you aren’t doing this parenting thing right. All your friends seem to have easier, more contented babies than yours.

Your instinct is telling you you want to do things a certain way but it’s kind of hard to trust and listen to that inner voice with  all the conflicting ‘well meaning’ advice you receive from friends and family.

Then I can help…


Supporting new mums

As a doula, I am used to supporting new mums through this struggle and dilemma. I can come to you for a 2h parenting debriefing session, to discuss how things are going and what you want to achieve.

I will listen to you without judging or telling you what to do.  I will listen to what I hear you say and reflect that back to you, helping you gain more clarity in what you want to do. I will also point at what you are doing right and help you gain more confidence. I will offer ideas and signposts towards things that may help.




Debriefing your birth experience

In this 2h session, which can take place face to face or on zoom, I listen reflectively to your birth experience, validating your feelings, and helping you make sense of the experience and your feelings about it, helping you gain clarity and relief about  what happened.

I can also combine this session with a Closing the bones massage.



What I offer

A range of postnatal sessions to suit your needs.

Book a 2-hour postnatal session where we can either debrief how your birth went, or talk about how things are going and discuss getting things working the way you want for you and your new family’s needs.

This is available either face to face (depending on your location), or via video call.

Simply book 2h of postnatal support below.

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One hour one to one postnatal session


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