Rebozos are traditional Mexican scarves/shawls. They have a special place in my heart because I have worked with them for many years. They are handwoven in Mexico by artisans, and take several days to weave. I believe this gives them special magic. They are extremely versatile and also provide just the right amount of softness, grippiness and sturdiness.

There are many ways to use rebozos and scarves, and possibilities of wrapping depending on the length.

Here is a picture of example of what I have used

Add picture of rebozos from class 1

A standard rebozo (2m long), can be used to wrap the hips in this way

(youtube link)

With a longer one (2.5m and over), you can wrap it around the hips and/or around the tummy and hips at the same time

Youtube link

Where to get rebozos and scarves

I have an online shop with rebozos sources from small ethical businesses, in both 2 and 2.5m lengths

Have a look at what you have in your wardrobe that might be suitable. Similarly, have fun checking car boot sales and charity shops. I have a large collection of scarves found in these places, and for a long time I taught rebozo skills at my antenatal classes with them.