Thank you for joining me on this course!

I created this course because I want to change the landscape of the postpartum support towards a more nurturing one. By taking this course you are helping in this process so I am truly grateful!

I am going to take you through 12 modules. They will help build your knowledge of what a nurturing postpartum looks like, what we have lost in the Western world, what the 4 pillars of postpartum recovery are, and finally provide a blueprint to create a nurturing postpartum in our modern world. Importantly, this course will also help you offer knowledge to your client in a way that is empowering and supportive.

I created this course in order to share my unique approach in postpartum support, which is a global view, and a blend of traditional and scientific knowledge.

My hope is that when you have finished the course you will feel confident and prepared to help your clients get the postpartum support they deserve, and to support expectant and new families in a more holistic and nurturing way.

Let’s get started!