How to tame your inner Impostor workshop

Is impostor syndrome stopping you from sharing your gifts with the world?

In this 2 part workshop, I will show you how to tame your inner impostor

What is impostor syndrome?

Are you a nurturing professional who struggles with self-doubt and feelings of inadequacy, despite many accomplishments? Do you question your abilities and fearing that you’ll be exposed as a fraud? Do you struggle to offer your work, feeling that you’re not ready, or that you cannot possibly charge for it? If so, you may be experiencing impostor syndrome – a psychological phenomenon that affects even the most successful individuals.


“Women who exhibit the impostor phenomenon do not fall into any one diagnostic category. The clinical symptoms most frequently reported are generalized anxiety, lack of self confidence, depression, and frustration related to inability to meet self-imposed standards of achievement.” Pauline R. Clance


Impostor syndrome and nurturing professionals

Over the last 7 years, having mentored many new doulas, as well as hundreds of students through my various courses both in person and online, and having ran a series of one to one impostor syndrome interviews, One thing has been clear to me: impostor syndrome is rife for professionals within nurturing professions. Many doulas, antenatal teacher, massage therapist, perinatal professionals, coaches and educators, carry the exact same fears, of not being good enough, not knowing enough, not feeling qualified enough…


I have seen so many awesome women, who provide an incredible, nurturing service to their clients, and yet are crippled with the worry that they aren’t enough. New doulas who stay awake for 3 days during a long birth but still worry that they aren’t doing enough to support their clients, not giving them their money’s worth. Massage therapist students who ask me if I am really sure that they can offer and charge for the massage ritual I have taught them.  Women who tell themselves that they just need to do one more training and they’ll be ready….Except that time never comes. Because the thing is: you could get 3 PhDs in the topic you’re interested in and still not be ready. You cannot fix the problem from the outside, it’s like putting a plaster on an arterial wound.


For so many of us, it can truly be paralysing and prevent us from sharing our gifts with the world. And god knows that we need more women supporting women, especially during big life transitions.


I want to share my experience in how I’ve learnt to tame the beast that is your inner impostor, so you can feel safe and confident and offer your gifts to the world.



I approached Sophie with an issue that I thought she could help me with – how to deal with my imposter syndrome around offering healing services – and in our session that deepened into a really helpful discussion around reconciling science and “woo”, about unpicking my fear of judgement, and my right to take up space and move in the direction of my joy. Sophie very helpfully shared some of her personal experiences in these areas, suggested writings/thinkers that might help me explore some issues further, and most importantly opened up the possibility of different ways of looking at some issues in a way that that really helpfully changed and freed my perspective.

Melanie Wright, doula and antenatal educator



In this workshop, over two 90 min live classes on zoom, I will share my strategy with you.


Class 1 will cover:

  • Understanding the root causes and manifestations of impostor syndrome
  • Understanding impostor fears and what they are trying to protect you from
  • Identifying and challenging these self-limiting beliefs from a kindness perspective


Class 2 will cover:

  • Recognising and defusing impostor feelings as they arise
  • Cultivating self-acceptance and self-belief
  • Embracing your unique strengths and talents
  • Learning to reframe and celebrate your achievements


By the end of this workshop, you will have practical strategies to tame your inner critic, cultivate self-compassion, and break free from the hold of impostor syndrome.

This workshop will include a blend of scientific and traditional/spiritual knowledge. Expect scientific evidence, but also energy work, and drum journeys!


Who is this workshop for?


This workshop is for heart-centred and conscious professionals, such as (but not limited to) perinatal specialists, healers, teachers, therapists, coaches who struggle with impostor syndrome and self-doubt.


It is for you if you are keen to go deep and explore the roots of your impostor syndrome, and if you are someone who is wanting to develop your spiritual nature further.


What makes this workshop special?


Drawing from my 12 years of experience as a self employed educator, healer and birthworker, and from research in psychology, neuroscience, and personal development, this workshop combines proven strategies with real-life examples and interactive exercises. This immersive experience will empower you to break free from the shackles of impostor syndrome and embrace your authenticity and confidence. My background straddles both science and spirituality, bridging ancient wisdom and modern understanding. I offer a rare blend of historical context, practical guidance and real-life stories.

Over the last 12 years I have managed to bring my impostor syndrome into consciousness, and from something that held me back in my offerings, into something I recognise and can tame, and which no longer prevents me from sharing my gifts with the world.

For example, the first time I offered an online course 6 years ago, 115 people signed up. I had a panic attack over it, because I hadn’t expected that many people to signup. I was crippled with worry that people wouldn’t like the course. This was especially ridiculous because I’d only asked for £20 from people as a group of early adopters to help me build the course. 

6 years down the line I have created 6 online courses, totalling over 800 students in over 30 different countries. I also feel confident enough now to create my courses from scratch with my group of students when I offer a new course. 


An session with Sophie was just what I needed. Sophie created virtual space without judgement and genuinely listened to get a feel for my circumstances and needs. Her advice and recommendations were simple to follow, on point, and very practical. I came away with advice that was actionable and felt just right for me. Sophie also followed up with helpful links and pointed me to materials that are useful and easy to access. Thank you for remind me of what really matters! 

Magdalena, antenatal educator

About the instructor:


An experienced researcher and facilitator, I specialise in helping women reclaim their power through rituals and teachings. Drawing from my diverse background spanning over two decades in scientific research and over 12 years as a perinatal educator, doula, mentor, healer, and ritual facilitator, I create safe and nurturing spaces for women to explore their authentic selves and heal from the self-doubt that often accompanies life’s transitions.


By combining my scientific background with a deep reverence for spiritual traditions, I offer a unique blend of practical guidance and soulful exploration. Whether you’re seeking to embrace your true self, or yearning to rediscover the sacred within yourself, I provide the tools and support to help you step into your true power.


When it is taking place:

Tuesday 30th of April and Friday 3rd of May at 4pm London time. Use the world time buddy website to find the time in your location.

If you cannot attend live, don’t worry as I will send you a link to the recording.

Each class will be a 90-minute interactive session, including 60 minutes of teaching and practical exercises, and 30 minutes of Q&A.

I highly recommend Sophie! Without a doubt Sophie is one of these “I have your back” gem of a woman I choose to have in my life! Sophie is very holding, supportive and empathetic. I found her very knowledgeable in the field of self development and growth. She gave me courage, confidence and reassurance in the field I was exploring with her, so that I can stay in my extraordinary to keep on spreading the Love to inspire and transform! 

Claire Graziano, Counselling and Somatic Massage therapist

How to tame your inner Impostor workshop


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