How to run a mother blessing

A course for perinatal professionals who want to offer a beautiful nurturing ritual to celebrate pregnancy, and provide support for the postpartum.

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We need to reclaim ways of celebrating new mothers

Are you fed up at the lack of nurturing support given to new mothers? Do you find baby showers a commercial, soulless process?

Would you like to offer something different, something that puts the mother back at the centre of the attention?

In this live online course you will learn how to run a mother blessing. You will experience the following:

  • A range of circle activities that can be used to honour the mother, and create a sense of sacredness and community that lasts beyond the gathering itself
  • How to create sacred space and introduce spiritual elements to the gathering
  • How to tailor the event to your client’s needs and preferences (and your own skills)
  • How to use mother blessings as a source of postpartum support

The course include prerecorded online lessons to do in your own time,  as well as the recording of 3 live classes.

By the end of the course you will feel confident about starting to offer these beautiful gatherings for your clients and your community.

How is the course structured?

The course is divided in the following modules

  • Welcome
  • Introduction
  • Module 1: Beginning the ceremony
    • Organisation
    • Creating sacred space
    • Welcoming guests
    • Opening the ceremony
  • Middle of the ceremony
    • Activities to honour the mother (adorning, massage, belly painting and more)
    • Postpartum pledges
  • Ending of the ceremony
    • Closing the ceremony
    • Creating community and support beyond the ceremony
    • Feast/food sharing
  • Conclusion

What is the course format?

  • Lifetime access to online course content, with a mix of text and video lessons, stories to illustrate how powerful this ritual is, and many downloadable handouts with pictures, poems, songs and much more.
  • Recording of 3 x 90 min live sessions
  • Access to a private Facebook group.
  • A certificate of completion at the end of the course.

Who is this course for?

This class is for perinatal professionals or for anybody who want to learn how to offer a beautiful nurturing ritual to celebrate pregnancy as well as how to put in place some postpartum support ahead of time.

How long does the course take?

  • The 3 live sessions recordings are 90 min each
  • The rest of the course, which complements the live sessions and gives you time to revisit the knowledge at your leisure is written and pre-recorded. You can do it in your own time and when it suits you.
  • It can be covered in a day (I have taught the course content as a live, one day workshop), though I recommend doing it in smaller chunks to have time to digest the content and reflect on how you want to create your own way to do it. There is no time limit to complete the course.

About the instructor

I have a unique blend of scientific, theoretical and practical experience. I have a PhD in physiology of Reproduction and I spent 20 years working as a research scientist prior to changing my career to become a birthworker. I have worked in the perinatal field since 2008, as an antenatal teacher, babywearing instructor, doula, doula mentor, doula course facilitator, Reiki and sound healer and workshop facilitator. I have been running workshops and circles for over 12 years, and I know how to present information in a way that is entertaining, easy to follow, and which allows students to learn easily and enjoyably, as well as apply what they have learnt in the class.

I am the author of the book Why postnatal Recovery matters, and on a mission to help encourage a return to a period of rest and nurture after birth. Running mother blessings is the perfect step towards this. I have extensive experience in running a variety of mother blessings tailored to my friends and clients taste. I have also taught live mother blessing workshops.

What is the investment required?

  • The course costs £149.

If you would like to read some examples of activities that happen at a mother blessing,  read my Blog post about it.

Here is a video of showing examples of mother blessing activities from mother blessings and mother blessing workshops

How to run a mother blessing course

This course was full of lovely ideas and practical suggestions for creating unique ceremonies tailored to each client’s individual needs.  I feel well equipped to offer a Mother Blessing ceremony and am keen to get started.  I particularly appreciated Sophie’s recognition that every mother and every person offering the ceremony will have different beliefs and preferences, and her encouragement to play to one’s strengths.  The handouts provided are especially beautiful.

Karen Lawrence, Yoga teacher

Feedback for the mother blessing live workshop

“I loved the beautiful energy you created here”

“The experiential learning was fabulous”

“I particularly liked the circle energy, the flow, and the drumming, it was all beautiful”

Feedback from the mother blessing course

Sophie’s course is brilliantly structured and super clear with beautiful ideas that are explained well and feel simple to lead, while offering great depth to theceremony…loving it.

Ali Cashen, doula

Feedback for the rebozo massage course which is similar in its ceremonial nature

I LOVE this course. I love how your voice comes through as if you’re really teaching face-to-face. I love how much you share of your own work and experience to contextualise the teaching. I love that it includes ceremony and incorporates baby loss. I also deeply appreciate the magical blend of ancient culture and ritual and a sound evidence base.

Samantha Leggett

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