As an ex-scientist turned doula and healer, and as someone whose signature approach is to blend scientific and spiritual knowledge, I love above all else to help others embrace their woo. I also like give people a embodied experiences, because I believe that we learn best by experiencing things (especially things we might be skeptical about!).
Using drum healing, and in particular, using drum journey (listening to drumming as a tool to unlock your brain, set intentions, and find answers) is such an experience.
If you are a skeptic, I get you. I used to think drum healing was bullshit, and I explain my journey, which started with experiencing it for the first time in an unplanned manner, in this blog.
You might be surprised to hear that repetitive, heartbeat-style drumming has been shown in published research to slow down brain waves, as well as to synchronise different parts of the brain and even to stimulate your immune system!. For me it’s simply a faster way to enter a meditative state, and make my thoughts more fluid and creative. I find it particularly helpful to find the answer to a question I may have. A bit like having a massage can loosen your muscles or any tightness you may have, listening to repetitive drum beats can loosen your brain, making it easier to access knowledge.
I’ve recorded a 20 min drum journey called “birthing something new”. I used a very powerful carved birth drum to record this journey. I also  included a short guided introduction and conclusion.
To best enjoy this process, set an intention (for example, an answer to a question you may have, or a solution to a problem), and then set aside 20 min (or even only 5 to 10 min-you do not have to do the entire journey to get the benefits) during which you will not be disturbed, and either sit or lie down comfortably. You may find that the sound works best using headphones. Relax and enjoy the journey. I’d love to hear what you think of it!
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