I am no longer working as a doula


I retired from this role after 10 years, in 2022.

My new path is taking me towards ceremonial work and supporting people to work from their hearts instead of their minds. Watch this space.

I have made my knowledge available in a range of online courses available for both families and perinatal professionals.

I am still offering adhoc support in the form of one-off zoom calls at £70 per hour, and face to face in the form of closing the bones ceremonies and mother blessings/healing ceremonies.

If you feel drawn to working with me, either look at my offerings listed in the drop down menu above, or  get in touch to book a free 20 minute video call.





Sophie you were an excellent doula, your knowledge was encyclopaedic and if you didn’t know the answer to something you would research with enthusiasm. You were a calming presence at meetings with consultants and at at other non routine hospital visits and knew when to speak up and when to just be, which was invaluable…


We knew Sophie as she taught our NCT classes with our firstborn, and when I fell pregnant second time round I knew straight away she would be the best person to help us out with baby number two. My health insurance would have covered the cost of private midwife instead (significantly more expensive) but from knowing Sophie, and her extensive evidence-based knowledge and ability to find any new information efficiently, I knew she would be the most useful person to us

Sarah and Jason

Sophie was a wonderful doula to us and we are immensely grateful for her amazing advice, support and friendship before, during and after the birth of our first child. Sophie was able to provide plentiful guidance and expert support on all matters to do with childbirth. She also has an extensive network of other support…
Sharon and Andy

We were initially drawn to Sophie’s background of scientific experience combined with more traditional skills. Throughout my pregnancy Sophie proved to be an excellent source for advice and support. She would help us to find the information we needed and never passed any judgement on the decisions we made.
Sarah and Jason

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