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A tale of two VBACS

I wrote this blog with Sarala’s permission, and it is now featured on the Cambridge vbac friends blog   Sarala’s two VBACs in the Rosie Delivery Unit and the Rosie Birth Centre as told by her doula

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Energy hygiene for birth and perinatal professionals

What is energy hygiene and why do you need it as a birthworker? Please don’t let the “woo” undertone of this title put you off and read on because I am going to try and explain it in a way that is hopefully both meaningful and helpful for those of you who aren’t used to…

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Why it’s important to sit with the pain

I have just supported another long birth, one that didn’t end up the way the parents were hoping for. I always find myself raw and open after supporting such a birth. As a doula I become so emotionally invested in supporting the parents, when thing don’t go the way they had hoped for, I feel…

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How to survive a long birth as a doula

When I started working as a doula, one of my biggest fears was: how will I survive the sleep deprivation of a long birth? The universe was kind to me, because my first birth was a text book, 12h long easy birth centre water birth, I came back elated and full of joy! And overall,…

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Doula myth series part 2: doulas are only for homebirths

  After “I don’t need a doula because I have my partner” this is the second biggest myth about doulas I have lost count of how many times I’ve been asked “can I have a doula if I am planning to birth in the hospital”, so this myth is very real indeed. Let me set…

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Induction of labour- do you know what you’re letting yourself in for?

Induction of labour in the bane of many birthworkers lives (and of many pregnant women’s too). In the area I live in, it is reaching epidemic proportions (about 35% of first time mothers) Deciding to consent to induction is a complex decision, one that should be fully supported, without pressure or coercion, so that  women…

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Reiki – the ultimate tool for birthworkers

I’ve been using Reiki to support my work as a doula every since I started attending births 7 years ago , and I have been meaning to write down my thoughts about this for a while. I think Reiki is the ultimate tool for birthworkers, one that gives you the ability to support yourself, your…

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Choosing love over fear as a birthworker


As a doula the biggest lesson since I started supporting women has been to choose love over fear. I remember very early on in my doula life I witnessed a very traumatic birth -it was traumatic for the parents, and it was extremely traumatic for me. I cried for days afterwards. The mother had an…

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