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A simple treatment for skeeter syndrome (an extreme form of allergy to mosquito bites)

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always reacted very strongly to mosquito bites, with blisters and such likes, even as a child.

There is a known genetic element to this syndrome and my daughter appears to be reacting like me.

In my late 20s I started reacting in much stronger ways, which led to my whole arm or leg getting hot, swollen and red.

Nothing seemed to help.

It got misdiagnosed for an infection quite a few times. Most of the time it wasn’t-it was just an inflammation.

On a handful of occasions I did get cellulitis from it-leading to needing antibiotics treatment.

This affliction has made summer time very tricky for me, as I fear mozzie bites a lot.

Last year whilst visiting Hong Kong I got my worst reaction still, leading to not one but 2 visits to 2 different doctors and treatment with very strong anti allergic drugs, as well as antibiotics and extremely strong topical steroids creams.

It is only after this that I reached out on social media and discovered there is a name for this, Skeeter Syndrome (most GPs do not appear to know about it).

There are several websites, like this one, which are dedicated to it.

Fed up with steroids and antibiotics (not to mention the unpleasant extreme itchiness and swelling etc), I tried many different treatments, from homeopathy to various creams, essential oils, to herbal and vitamin supplements, to no avail.

As you can imagine I have also tested many mosquito repellents-I still get bitten.

As summer approached again, a few weeks ago, I googled in desperation, thinking there must be something that helps that I didn’t yet know about, and I came across this blog, an the author showed how she used an American homeopathic drawing salve to great effect.

The salve the blog author refers to is called PRID drawing salve 

It’s not the most pleasant thing as it is a very thick, brown yellow sticky paste and has a strong tar-like smell (I believe that it’s from the Itchtammol ingredient in it, which is produced from shale oil, and is a well researched topical anti inflammatory).

I thought this sounded promising and ordered the salve on amazon. (the salve is typically used for drawing splinters or boils etc so most of the reviews on amazon focus on that-I haven’t found any mentioning the mozzie bites).

I started using it on mozzie bites straight away, and was yet to have an extreme reaction so I couldn’t quite tell whether it stopped things or would work on a full blown reaction.

That reaction happened last night, as I got bitten on my forehead in the evening. I could tell straight away from the swelling around the bite that it was going to be a big reaction.

I applied the salve straight away.

I forgot to take a picture last night, but this is what I looked like this morning around 8am (the yellow tinge is caused by the salve)




I reapplied the salve in the morning, and this is what I look like around 2pm, so 6h later.

So it seems this work-it doesn’t always appear to prevent the reaction, but it seems to treat it adequately.

I have no affiliation with this company, but I wanted to share because I am sure I’m not the only one who is desperate for an effective treatment and also who likes to avoid strong drugs like antibiotics and topical steroids.


If some of you end up trying it, I’d love to hear about your experiences.

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