Today is the Spring Equinox. One spiritual practice that has had a powerful transformative effect on me, and which I have not shared about in detail in this blog before, has been to become involved in wheel of the year ceremonies.

In Celtic traditions, we used to celebrate 8 festivals during the year: the 2 equinoxes, the 2 solstices and the 4 times in between.

  1. Samhain (Oct 31st) – This marks the Celtic New Year and is considered the most important festival. It’s a time to honour the dead and the start of the dark half of the year.
  2. Winter Solstice (Around Dec 21st) – Celebrates the rebirth of the Sun as the days begin growing longer again after the longest night.
  3. Imbolc (Feb 1st) – An early spring festival associated with the first signs of spring. Celebrates the returning fertility of the earth.
  4. Spring Equinox (Around Mar 21st) – Marking the beginning of the fertile spring season when day and night are equal lengths.
  5. Beltane (May 1st) – A celebration of the full bloom of spring and the fertility of the earth. Traditions include bonfires and May pole dances.
  6. Summer Solstice (Around June 21st) – Celebrating the longest day of the year and the power of the life-giving sun.
  7. Lughnasadh (Aug 1st) – The first of the three autumn harvest festivals, marking the beginning of the harvest season.
  8. Autumn Equinox (Around Sept 21st) – The second harvest festival, signalling the start of autumn when day and night are again equal.

These eight festivals formed the basis of the ancient Celtic calendar system and marked the key points in the agricultural year.

Over the last 3 years I have progressed from first attending these ceremonies, to becoming involved in co-creating some of them, and finally over the last year as I was crowned May Queen for the year, being deeply involved in co-crafting and running each and every one of them. The gift this has given me is a deep attunement to the changing energies of the seasons, a moment to pause and reflect, set intentions, and to serve my community. This means that, for the first time in my 53 years on this earth, I have not dreaded winter, but welcomed its going-within wisdom.

The Spring Equinox heralds in a season of renewal, rebirth, and balance. I used to believe that Spring was all about going forward, but now I know that it’s a dance in the balance: some days are warm, some cold, the energy seems to be going back and forth. The Spring Equinox invites us to embark on a sacred journey, where we can attune ourselves to the cosmic dance of light and dark, and tap into the primordial energies that give birth to new beginnings.

So I feel called to offer a guided drum journey to meet the spirit of the Spring Equinox, one where we can ask questions and gain wisdom about the energies of this time of the year.

Through the rhythmic pulse of the drum, we can connect with the ancient wisdom of our ancestors, who celebrated this celestial event as a time of profound transformation. The spring equinox reminds us of the eternal cycle of life, death, and regeneration, and empowers us to shed the layers of winter’s slumber and embrace the potential that lies within us.

Drumbeats echo through the earth,

Heralding the equinox’s birth.

Balance shifts, light extends its stay,

Ancient rhythms guide our way.

Join me on this drum journey, as we honour the return of the light and harness the potent energies of the spring equinox to manifest our dreams, clear blockages, and awaken our inner goddess.

If you take this journey I would love to hear what you think. Just comment below.


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